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Traveling With Your Horse: An Essentials Checklist
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Traveling With Your Horse: An Essentials Checklist

Traveling with your horse is no walk in the park. There are a number of things you need to do before hitting the road and at times it can seem overwhelming—or even downright intimidating. Here's a list of absolutely essential things to cross off your checklist.


How much you need depends on how long your trip is, but it is always wise to bring extra feed so your furry friend does not go hungry.

Grooming supplies

Horses should be groomed once a day. Grooming removes loose hair and dirt. A horse’s feet should also be picked out as well to ensure that they do not get thrush.

Water Tanks

It is smart to carry water with you in portable water tanks. Many horse trailers have areas designed to store these bins. If you are traveling to a place where there is no access to water, you need to make sure you have enough to hydrate your animal.

Small Tool Kit/Jack

These items are carried in case of emergency. If your car has a flat tire, you will be able to change it without a problem.


This one is for the benefit of your horse. These should be given to your friend when they are behaving well. Sometimes, going somewhere new can be scary and a tasty snack can help them feel more comfortable.

Extra halters

Like I said, going somewhere new can be scary and sometimes accidents happen. Your horse could pull back at the rail and break their halter or it could just snap from wear and tear. I would advise bringing an extra halter just in case you need it.


If you go somewhere where it rains/snows, it is likely you will benefit from bringing towels. If your horse gets wet and is shivering, you can help them by drying them off.


Horses don’t necessarily NEED blankets all the time. However, if a horse is used to a warmer climate they might not have a thick winter coat. If this is the case, they might like having a blanket


I would bring a minimum of three buckets. You should bring one bucket for feed, one for water, and one for horse manure.

Have a Basket of “Extras”

If you have extra bits or extra lead ropes, bring them! You never know what you’ll need once you are out on the road.

Portable Phone Battery Charger

A portable battery charger will ensure that you will not go long periods without a cell phone. A phone is important to have in case of emergencies.

Jumper cables

Unfortunately, cars can be fickle. If your car battery dies then you will need jumper cables to obtain a charge from another car.


Cleaning up after your horse is polite. Make sure you bring a pitchfork to do this!


These are painkillers for your animal. If your horse gets injured on your trip, you want them to be as comfortable as possible. Talk to your vet about obtaining these painkillers.


Make sure you bring a flashlight in case there is no other light source at your vacation location.

List of Phone Numbers

Put together a list of emergency phone numbers to bring on the trip. This is easy and convenient to make and have on hand.

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