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Toxins Leading to Laminitis
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Toxins Leading to Laminitis

Sometimes helping our horses is a bit of a puzzle and we have to try different things in order to help them. Not every piece of advice will strike a chord with people but hopefully we can collect the information that makes sense to us and find the best way to facilitate a healthy life for our horses.

It was during a conversation a few years ago with an equine podiatrist that I first became aware that there may be other significant factors at play in connection to laminitis. 

She mentioned that since a large explosion at a nuclear plant which had occurred in another country, she had seen a considerable increase in the amount of cases of laminitis. The toxic fall out from the explosion had seemingly caused an issue for the horses and ponies that she came across. 

It was the first time that I really considered how pollutants and toxins had an effect on horses or associated toxins with cases of laminitis.

This comment stuck in my mind because it offered a different way of looking at the issue of laminitis and caused me to investigate further. I am lucky that my own horses are not prone to laminitis but knew of many other people who had problems managing their horses conditions and for some they were desperate for more answers or solutions. 

As a healer I look for natural ways to assist my horses and the horses of my clients. I started investigating different herbs to use in order to help de-tox my own horses and to be able to offer advice to people who wanted to de-tox their own.

I started to see a common theme with laminitic horses, which is that many of them had a significant toxic overload and in helping them to de-tox, owners were managing their condition with much more success.

Of course there are other management issues with laminitis as there are with many conditions but by helping them to de-tox it appears that many horses and ponies are being helped.

There are many resources out there that can help you to find out more about specific herbs and their uses. They can be put in hard feed or even just fed from your hand. They are often very affordable and can make a significant difference in your horse's life. 


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    What was the plants that caused the problem?

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