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Totem Reiki - How Does it Work?
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Totem Reiki - How Does it Work?

Totem Reiki is a form of Reiki that has been specially developed to work in harmony with animals. For this particular article we are going to focus on the connection with horses.

The word Reiki means Universal Life Energy, and the practice is based on being able to channel energy through certain points of the body such as the hands. There are many different forms of Reiki, which connect with slightly different types of energy and are based on different principles of connection.

Totem Reiki was developed to not only teach people how to connect and heal with horses, but in the later stages of the courses to learn how to connect with a horse in order to heal others. In effect it is creating a healing circle or circuit of energy which can include other animals or other people. Most of the time when using this form of healing there will be myself as the head of the circle and then at least one of the horses who I combine my energy with. We will then connect and include the person we are healing in the circuit. This will open that person's chakra's or energy points and allow the energy they need to flow through their body. By creating this energy flow it can also remove any energy that is negative.

For example; Ebony who is in the picture with her different chakra's labeled; is a very calm and grounded horse. If someone came to be healed who was very stressed and who spent too much time 'in their head', worrying about things or over thinking, then she is the perfect horse to work with in order to calm that person and help them relax.

Another horse may be very dominant and strong and this might be a good horse to connect with someone struggling to find their own power and who needs to learn to be more confident.

In total there are four horses that I currently work with and in some situations it is possible to be connected to all of them and we will work then as a team of five beings in order to heal. This works really well in helping some of the autistic people that come to see us as we create a type of bubble or blanket of energy which helps the person to feel calm and safe.

It is possible for horses to help and heal other horses as well. I have seen this when introducing a new member to the healing herd where the more confident ones in my team who would be Ebony and Brron; will take a new horse both physically and energetically under their wing.

Reiki itself works a bit like any other type of training. We know that it is possible to train our body and muscles through certain exercises and to some extent through our intention to be 'fitter' or more active. With Reiki it is very similar except it involves training your mind and energetically training your body. You teach yourself to be able to process higher amounts of energy.

Most people and animals all channel different amounts of energy anyway, regardless of whether they know it or not. Reiki is simply becoming aware of how much energy flows through you and then how to channel it to another person or animal in order to heal them.


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