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Too Many Treats?
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Too Many Treats?

What happens to a horse if it receives too many treats? Well, there are several reasons why feeding treats isn’t a good idea. Just like humans, animals – all kinds, not only horses – can develop health issues because of the lack of nutrition, increase in calories, and overall indulgence on foods they should probably not even consume at all. Horses, even if they are at a good weight, should technically only eat dried grasses and forage. Any form of fruit, even if it is a plant, is still on the forbidden side.

If you overdo it with the treats, this would be like you overdoing it with the McDonald’s meals. A good mother doesn’t take her kids there every day, so it is wise not to do the same with your horse(s). Even if your horse is at a healthy weight, you may put it at risk for obesity – at times this takes a while to show up – and there is, of course, the problem that your animal is not eating the right amount of nutrients.

Afterwards, there is the problem with getting a disobedient, pushy beast. If some day, for any reason whatsoever, you do not have the treat that your horse is expecting, you may end up with a very difficult ride or lesson. If you have more than one, the horses can become competitive and this could result in injury. Furthermore, if the animals find out where the treats are, they will aim for that area. So, if you keep them in your pockets, you may end up with biting and nipping, yanking and pulling, or downright losing your clothes.

Putting it in a bucket is definitely the best way to go, but also, keep it under control. If you are giving your horse treats every day, you may want to wind down a bit. To ensure you are not unbalancing its system, look for the type of treat that is closest to the animal’s regular diet nutrition-wise. And try to keep the portions small. One apple or carrot is sufficient. Even if they want more, try to keep your self-control over their baleful eyes. You’ll manage, and the horse’s digestive system will thank you.

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  1. Rene Wright
    Rene Wright
    Great blog! Cookie loves her treats & this week she has been spoiled, but loving it thanks to my neighbors lol. She does get treats from me but not very often & now it'll be a while before she gets anymore. lol. :) Voted! Please stop by & vote for mine if you like them. Thanks!

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