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Tips on Cleaning on the Shiny Side!
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Tips on Cleaning on the Shiny Side!

You ever have a rusty bit that you seem to not be able to get clean with just a damp rag? Are you tired of looking for that expensive product that cleans all your silver? Well I am always looking for a quick, easy and cheap way of cleaning my bits and silver on my tack. What a discovery I made! One of the things I discovered to use is good ole aluminum foil! I use this on my dirty, rusty bits. It does an amazing job on getting the grim and rust off of your favorite bits.

I dab a crumbled piece of aluminum foil into water and start rubbing the bit with it. I continue to do this until I get all the dirt, grim and rust off. I won't guarantee that it will take deep down embedded rust out, but it will take the surface rust off that somehow appears on your steel bits. (This also works on your steel buckles on your tack too!) The other discovery and tip I found is using ashes to clean my decorative silver on my tack! I use ashes from your fire you made outdoors to enjoy or from the fire in your wood stove to heat your home or some other source (cigarette ashes work too), a little water to make a paste, an old toothbrush and a soft damp rag.

What I do is make a paste out of the ashes using a little water. Using the toothbrush, I will apply the paste mixture and scrub gently onto the decorative silver Conchos and studs and wipe off with a soft damp rag. I continue to do this until the tarnish is all gone and the shine is back! Wa la!


(Note: This works on your silver jewelry too! Go a step further and do all your silver in your home!)

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  1. huskyluvr
    I will have to try using the aluminum foil on my rusty bits!

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