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Tips for Vet Visits
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Tips for Vet Visits

Recently I had a visit with my vet for the typical spring shots, checking my horses’ teeth, and I will also need their coggins pulled soon. But, I was patiently waiting, seeing as we have a large barn with many boarders and watching other horses act up thinking to myself, "Do not get my vet hurt!" My vet almost always notes how well behaved my horses are for him and we discussed how he wished more people were educated on handling their horse, or horses, for the vet.

To start off, yes, your vet smells funny to your horse! He or she has been to a bunch of different barns and more than likely been in things we do not want to know about. They also can have a different energy about them. They are there to get the job done because they have many others to help.

To help your vet with his or her visit, prepare your horse by doing some groundwork, or at the very least getting their attention and having things prepared the way they need to be. The smoother it is for your horse, the smoother it is for you and the vet as well.


1.     Ask your vet how he or she wants you to prepare.

2.     Ask your vet where they want you to be during different things.

3.     If you don’t know, hold your horse on the near side with your vet so you can adjust the horse accordingly.

4.     Prepare your horse for shots, coggins and handling. This means handling them and pretending to approach them like a vet.

5.     If you have issues with any of these things, seek help! The majority of trainers out there can and will help with this sort of issue seeing as they like their vets as well.


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