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Tips for Making Summer Horse Barn Renovations Easier
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Tips for Making Summer Horse Barn Renovations Easier

There are many different reasons for horse owners to plan renovations. You may need to fix, remodel, or expand your horse’s barn or shed with summer preventative health and safety measures in mind, or you may need to do a little work on your own abode instead.

The challenges to properly planning and executing a renovation can be complicated. The repairs themselves can be expensive and time-consuming and finding a place for either you or your horse to live while the work is being done often plays an important role in the process. The situation becomes even more difficult if you’re contending with the brutal summer heat while the project is underway.

Let’s break down a few key considerations that horse owners should keep in mind if you have renovations planned this summer:

Planning Your Renovations

Whether you’re overhauling your stable, putting a new roof on your house, or installing an entirely new kitchen, it’s always important to take the time to plan out your renovations carefully beforehand.

House Renovation Tips

Let’s take a look at a few of the many things to consider before signing off on a major home renovation project.

  • Plan ahead: Make sure that you have a solid plan in place before you start. Do you have a clear vision of what you want to accomplish? How will you get to the end of your project? List out the steps to make sure you don’t miss anything.
  • Decide if you can handle the work: DIY projects are fun, but sometimes the work is simply too complicated to learn how to do from a YouTube video. If you find you’ve bitten off more than you can chew on your own, consider hiring help.
  • If you’re doing the work yourself, do it right: Make sure that you get 10% more materials than you plan on needing, don’t take shortcuts, and don’t leave things unfinished — they’ll never get done that way!
  • Budget, budget, budget: Home renovations can quickly spin out of control, especially where costs are concerned. Make sure to make a budget beforehand — remember to plan on the fact that you may go over it by a decent margin — and then do your best to stick to it as closely as you can.

Stable Renovation Tips

When it comes to stable renovations, there are always things to be done. Here are some suggestions for summer projects, great and small, that you may want to consider in order to improve your horse’s living space.

  • Go communal: If you have multiple horses inhabiting the same space, consider renovating your stables so that they have more access to each other. More windows and lower walls will help them socialize, and the summer is the perfect time to get the work done. Once the winter rolls around, and the horses spend more time indoors, they’ll appreciate the change.
  • Install better organizational spaces: It’s always good to have a well-organized area to keep your horse’s tack and other gear. If you don’t have a good space for this yet, try to add one this summer. The upgrade can be as simple as adding hooks, shelves, and any other storage devices to your stable.
  • Overhaul your stable’s water system: Consider adding a water heater for the upcoming winter and even an outside shower for both you and your equine companion in order to help keep the mess to a minimum.
  • Install an HVAC system: If you’re feeling ambitious, you may want to hire someone to put in an affordable HVAC system in order to help regulate the temperature of your stables year round. This can be especially helpful if you live in an area with more extreme temperature fluctuations from season to season.

As a final note, you may want to get an air purifier if any of your planned renovations are going to put you in close proximity to the work itself or if it will push you into closer quarters to your horses and other pets.

Get Out of Dodge

If you end up hiring professionals to do the work, there’s no reason that your displaced household needs to stay put while your house or barn are turned into a construction yard. In fact, the situation may provide the perfect opportunity to take a road trip!

Of course, traveling with pets — especially horses — isn’t a simple matter. If you decide to hit the open road with your animal crew in tow, remember to bring their records, make sure they’re up to date with their shots, check their IDs, and bring a pet first-aid kit.

When you’re traveling with horses, in particular, you’re also going to want to make doubly sure that they have an adequate supply of food and water, grooming supplies, extra halters, blankets, and even things like buckets and towels for feeding and cleaning up waste. You can find a more extensive horse packing list here.

Finally, check that your trailer is good to go before taking off. It’s easy to become distracted when packing up an entire household, but it’s crucial to take the time to make sure that your transportation arrangements are safe.

Turning Lemons Into Lemonade

Whether you’re overhauling your house or stables, it’s wise to take the time to plan everything out beforehand and make the best of the situation as you wait for your renovations to be completed. Improvement projects can be intimidating, but a little forethought is all that is required to turn a daunting project into a fun-filled adventure for the whole family.

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