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Time to Meet Ameeta Mehra
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Time to Meet Ameeta Mehra

Humans and animals are all part of one big eco-system. In many cases, domestic animals, and even wild ones, share a strong bond with human beings. Many T.V. shows and movies also focus on the bond between animals and humans.

For example, a famous television show, Dog Whisperer, made quite a buzz when it launched a few years ago. This reality show starred Cesar Millan, who travelled to different parts of the United States to meet troubled dog owners and helped strengthen the relationship they had with their dogs. It may sound slightly exaggerated, but it seemed like Cesar had supernatural powers when it came to communicating with dogs.

If Cesar’s ability to get through to dogs seems far-fetched to you, the story of a woman from India might make you believe in such abilities. It’s time we meet Ameeta Mehra – the Horse Whisperer.

Thoroughbreds at the Usha Stud Farms

Ameeta lives at the Usha Stud Farms in Gurgaon, near Delhi. The farm houses many thoroughbreds. Thoroughbreds are a breed of horses that originated in England back in the 17th century. They can be easily recognized due to their characteristic broad chests and short legs. These two characteristics, along with their slim bodies, have helped these horses in achieving a better stride compared to other breeds, making them the preferred choice for racing and jumping.

Razeen – The Legend of Indian Horse Racing

Of the many horses living at the farm, the most famous one was Razeen who recently died at the age of 24. Razeen bagged 56 individual classic wins, which is the highest number of wins for any horse in the history of Indian horse racing.

Ameeta personally took care of Razeen and looked after all his needs. They both shared a strong bond which helped Ameeta in comprehending the relationship between horses and humans. With this knowledge, Ameeta went on to train 7 more Indian Derby winners. After so many successful cases of understanding and training horses, it’s safe to say that Ameeta Mehra is the person to meet if you wish to understand the companionship of a horse and its trainer.

The Three P’s of Racing Success

Ameeta believes that every horse that is a winner shows three distinct qualities: Presence, Performance, and Pedigree. Every horse carries a certain presence and aura with it. It has the perfect stance and stride, is light on its legs, and has amazing balance. People who work with horses can easily analyze these things. The lineage, or pedigree, of the horse also plays a part in its performance. A derby winning horse is likely to produce an off-spring that is also a potential winner.

Ameeta has been working with horses since the age of three. She is breaking barriers by facing the various shortcomings that come with living in a patriarchal society. Ameeta is known as one of the most successful trainers in all of Asia. Anyone who is visiting India, and shares the love for horses, is advised to take some time to meet Ameeta and get inspired by her fascinating life story as the Horse Whisperer.

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