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Thrush- What to use & not use to treat it
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Thrush- What to use & not use to treat it

So you've discovered your fur baby has thrush. What to do!? Do you go to the local Tractor Supply & buy Thrush-X or something similar, or do you find a cheaper alternative that works just as good, maybe better without too much mess? Maybe you're a bit low on funds & can't afford to get something from the Supply store or vet for a bit. 

I have found a few remedies for thrush that won't break the bank... too much.  

Betadine & hydrogen peroxide. Mix 1/2 &  1/2 & apply.

Apple Cider Vinegar. Use straight. Also good for fly control & Anti-inflammatory.

Generic mouthwash.

Oil of Oregano. Only use a few drops at a time.

Liquimycin (dairy cattle inj antibiotic) Suck up in a needle-less syringe & squirt on  thrush spots. DO NOT INJECT HORSE with it! External use ONLY.

Bleach is NOT recommended because it eats the good tissues as well as the bad & can further cause problems. Anything that "eats" bacteria or live flesh should never be used & can cause serious, sometimes fatal problems. When in doubt call your vet! 

*Note* If you're a beginner in the horse world & you're not sure if your horse has thrush or don't know what it looks like, have your vet or farrier show you before applying any of these remedies.

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  1. KaseyChristine
    Back when I was a kid, we always used Thrush-X. I have heard of some using bleach, but I couldn't imagine putting it anywhere on my horses.
    1. Rene Wright
      Rene Wright
      We used Thrush-X also. I have only heard of using bleach just recently, & I wouldn't use bleach even if a vet suggested it.

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