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Three Things Your Non-Horse Friends Will Never Understand
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Three Things Your Non-Horse Friends Will Never Understand

Almost everyone who owns and loves horses has spoken to a non-horse person only to completely lost their interest as you begin to talk about your equine friend. Sadly, non-horse people do not grasp the joy we derive from our equine companions. Here are three things your non-horse family and friends may just never understand.

1. The Beauty of Mucking a Stall

It is extremely difficult for someone who is not around horses to understand the bright side of cleaning out a stall or multiple stalls. Mucking a stall gives you an opportunity to daydream; you can think through situations you are facing or just daydream about that special person in your life. It is also great physical activity; just think of the money you save by working out in a stall instead of paying to join a gym.

2. The Excitement You Feel When it is Shedding Season

The snow is gone and green is beginning to sprout all around you. You have exchanged your sweats for a t-shirt and jeans. Shedding season is upon us; spring has arrived and your horses dull winter coat falls away to reveal their shiny new summer coat. Shedding season marks the arrival of spring and who doesn’t love spring? It won’t be long before you find bird’s nests made of your horse’s hair. Spring is here!

3. Horse Time is so Relaxing

Non-horse people take “me time” while horse lovers take “horse time.” Horse time takes nothing more than the great outdoors and your best equine friend. Whether you are taking a trial ride or reading under your favorite tree while your horse grazes nearby, there is nothing more relaxing than down time spent with your horse.

Horses are amazing companions. They never judge you and their love for you is unwavering. Just imagine how much happier the world would be if we all spent some bonding time with a horse!


Photo via Flickr Creative Commons.

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