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This Vineyard Loves its Horses
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This Vineyard Loves its Horses

Horses are majestic animals that make much desired pets. What most new horse owners don’t realize is that hoses require a substantial amount of time and money for their proper care. From their housing, feed, and vet bills to regular grooming of the horse, everything is equally important to ensure that the horse is cared for. At the end of it all, many owners are just as keen to get rid of the animal as they were to get it in the first place. Where these forsaken animals end up is of little concern to the former owners. Thankfully though, the Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard loves such horses and cares for them when no one else will.

Where do the derelict animals end up?

Owners usually sell their horse when it has either become useless to them because of age or they themselves are unable to financially support the horse's care. Even though it is very sad, it actually happens a lot. The most common way for a horse owner to get rid of a horse would be to just abandon it. It is then based on the horse’s luck whether it will survive, die from a natural cause, or get hit by a car. The second most common way is to auction the horse off, to be slaughtered and eaten.

If the animals are auctioned for slaughter, they are kept under very bad conditions. Inadequate transportation conditions as well as almost no food or water, combined with long road journeys that can last up to 24 hours, result in the death of several horses annually just by the inhumane transportation procedure.

The Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard is out to make a difference. Its love for horses is what’s driving it forward in its battle against inhumane treatments of horses.

How can we save them?

The last plant that slaughtered horses in the USA was closed down in 2007. The government is also looking to shut down the export of slaughter horses. However, it will not be easy as horse meat is in great demand in many other countries. It is considered a delicacy in many European countries and is served in many French-Canadian restaurants in Canada as well.

Even if the export of these animals is banned, there is still a question pertaining to where these unwanted animals will go. Many charitable organizations in the USA have taken up the initiative to take in, and care for, these animals. The Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard is one example that has taken in over 25 equines since 2007, and it loves each one of its horses. Likewise, many others have taken up the initiative to help end the inhumane treatment of horses.

The charitable organizations are not only providing exceptional care to the horses but is also working on exposing the criminal minded mafia that is responsible for the deaths of so many animals due to inhumane treatment and inadequate living conditions they are put through. They are also spreading awareness to potential horse owners so that more people can actually understand what keeping a horse as a pet entails in terms of time and money before they buy one.

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  1. jst4horses
    Thank God for these new sanctuary homes for horses......Oak Meadow is another one that uses the horses for a variety of equine therapy programs, and often rehabilitates them after the pound finds them abandoned and injured, starved or abused. Those that can be rehomed are, but they are always welcome to come back if needed. People need to be taxed for breeding and selling horses, and people need to know, animals are a responsibility......of course, humans are not doing too well in the child responsibility area in many areas of the country either............

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