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This Horse Loves to Dance
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This Horse Loves to Dance

Who doesn’t enjoy dancing? We all have at some point bogeyed the night away. You may say that it was the company or rather that mixture of cocktails you imbibed. But whatever the case dancing is a great way to have some fun and relieve stress.

Although it may sound a bit strange but we have a video of a horse that just loves to bop, and not just an ordinary bopping but a head banging performance to boot. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true and you can take a look at this classic performance.

If there would ever be an episode for anybody can dance for the four legged creatures we are sure this talented equine needs to be put on the stage as well.

Horse Dancing- An Olympic Sport

If you think that it simply involves an episode of horsing around you have got to think again.  Do you know a horse danced at the Olympics to the number “Smooth”. Check it out here

You might be wondering where a horse ever danced like that and how come you don’t know about it. Well that’s because you simply didn’t check in on the Dressage.

What is Dressage?

According to Wikipedia Dressage is a French term and when it is loosely translated it literally means to train. Dressage is a high level skill competition at Olympic levels and exhibitions around the world. Some even consider it as a sacred art where both the master and the horse become one unit, each following a series of complicated steps.

According to the International Equestrian Federation, this is the highest expression of horse training. The moves are predetermined and the competitors have to perform from memory.

Why Dressage you may ask

Well it’s pretty simple. Horses are naturally graceful creatures. Their bodies are made for rhythm and movement.  Participating in a dressage competition requires both the horse and its masters to pass tests starting from basic skills and then progressing towards difficult ones.

Those who think dressage is simply a horse dancing away need to know that it takes months of practice to achieve that standard rhythmic movement required for the sport.

To the onlooker it may look like an effortless performance but only the Master and the horse know the months of training and dedication which it has required. Some of the performances required at the competitions include

  • Piaffe:  This refers to a calm and collected kind of trot timed to perfection. It includes a series of movements always made in the forward direction.
  • Passage: a more rigorous training is required for the passage which includes a series of well timed strides where the horse keeps its feet elevated. The time span between the elevations determines how well a passage has been performed.
  • Extended gaits: though not as visually impressive as the above two, this is the kind of movement which is perhaps the most difficult.
  • Pirouette: yup, just like the one done in the ballet.  It includes freestyle music and a turn of around 360 degrees.
  • Half-pass: a gentle swaying movement, where the horse has to move sideways and forward at the same time.

So the next time you see a horse moving to the your favorite number you know why these creatures are so very attuned to the beats of the music.

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