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They Can Hear the Beats
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They Can Hear the Beats

It is common knowledge that the title for man's best friend goes to the dog. Dogs have the ability to understand what humans are trying to communicate with them more than other animal species, especially when it comes to the instructions given fact-to-face. But recent studies have shown that horses too have the ability to respond to certain auditory and visual cues, and according to a story told by Jill Starr, horses have the ability to hear musical beats.

Jill Starr is the founder of Red Horse Nation, which promotes the healthy interaction of Native American youth with horses that have been rescued. It involves teaching classes for the youths, as well as the promotion of direct contact with the horses.

When the students decided to bring a tribal drum to their gathering one day, after they were done with their activities, the group noticed something that brought tears to most eyes. The beats of the drum made the horses completely captivated, and the horses made a semi-circle around the gathering, at a distance of about 12 to 20 feet.

The students themselves were so lost in their chanting and drumming that they didn’t even realize what was happening. When they realized that the horses were responding to their music, most of them started crying by the sheer sight of the event.

Horses Understand People

Horses have been known to be able to respond to human cues, despite not being able to completely understand certain instructions. According to recent studies, horses have been found to be sensitive to human movements, no matter how subtle.

It was found that horses, unlike many other animals, can respond to most auditory cues given by humans. So it is no surprise that the horses were able to hear the beats and react the way they did.

Music as a Tool to Keep Horses Healthy

Keeping all the research in mine, Janet Marlow has created music specially tailored for a horse's preferences. She keeps in mind the nature of the horse and its environment, and creates music to soothe horses both mentally and physically.

This music has been made after careful consideration of the horses' hearing sensitivities. Neither too low nor too high in frequency, the music is used to calm the nerves of the horses while riding or massages, or even while the horse rests. This leads to a reduction in the stress that a horse might have, which ultimately leads to better health and better performance.

Horses are creatures that were born free. Being able to roam freely in the wild is a natural instinct for them, but keeping them locked up in a barn may lead to a sort of stress that we don’t notice. Music is being used to keep this stress to a minimum by helping the horse relax and keep it comfortable. 

Horses are animals that are highly social among their herds. They use body and facial movements for communication with each other. All of these natural instincts are what make horses sensitive towards auditory cues as well. Responding to music and being able to 'hear' the beats of a drum show that horses have the capability to understand human beings. If trained properly, the horse might just understand a man enough to be a contender for the dog's title sometime in the future.

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