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They Are the Best for a Reason
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They Are the Best for a Reason

Human beings have long thrived on this earth, and at times have taken advantage of other species that live among us. We use these animals for our own work and may not care for them in return the way we should.

A primary example among such animals are equines, like horses, ponies and donkeys. These animals are used all over the world for transportation purposes and are sometimes left uncared for after their work is done. For such animals, and others that don’t have a proper home to live in, there are rescue centers which provide for them and keep them safe.

One of these is the Belwade Farm Rescue and Rehoming Center in Scotland. It belongs to World Horse Welfare and has recently been voted the best visitor attraction by the Aberdeen and Shire Tourism Awards. There are several reasons for that with the primary ones being that they focus on the rehoming of horses and welcome all tourists that want to visit and see their work.

A Place for Horses and Humans Alike

The rescue center has been working for years to help homeless horses. It is located near Aboyne and is open all year from 11am to 4pm, every Wednesday to Sunday.

The Belwade Farm works with the mission of the careful and compassionate treatment of horses. They have a total of 65 equines on the premises which attract more than 14,000 tourists every year. They also have a new indoor arena as well as a visitor center to add to the attractions.

Horses at the farm are treated with respect and the staff members work their hardest to improve the condition of all the vulnerable horses in Scotland. They make their visitors aware of the plight that horses have to face and welcome them in a very warm way.

The visitors have attractions of their own here which add to the experience. They can meet the horses and spend time with them as well as take nature walks along the paddocks and the River Dee.

Rehoming Horses

One of the reasons this rescue facility is the best is because of its Rehome and Horse program. They have a webpage where they put up pictures and information of horses that are ready to be rehomed. People can visit this page, which is updated every Wednesday, and see which horses are available. They can then either opt to adopt that horse or give the rescue center information about possible rehoming opportunities.

Public Participation

The World Horse Welfare has a lot of campaigns that go on throughout the year in order to help the horses of the world. They have been helping equines live better for over 85 years now. The best part is that they let the public be a part of their programs as well. Anyone concerned about the future of horses can become a campaigner and help as best they can.

Animals are also living beings, and humans need to understand that. They also have needs and feelings that we can ignore due to our own selfish interests. Rescue centers such as the Belwade Farm are working day and night to help these animals live better and to make us aware of our shortcomings as a compassionate species. All of us need to do the best we can and be careful so as not to be a reason for the plight of our fellow living beings on earth.

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