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These Cold Months Will Come to a Close
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These Cold Months Will Come to a Close

It's one of those days where you start a blog post and then just as you finish it, your computer forcibly shuts down and you lose the whole thing.

Where was I? Gushing about how the snow has finally melted in my second home, much farther north than my home in Iowa. Oh god, the blogging magic has gone. I'll never be able to rewrite that post. How do I go on after this? Apparently, by looking out of the window to the very mare I had been writing about in the first place.

Dough Girl is a cutie. Don't ask about her name. You can probably get the picture of what's she's like; pale and round and just utterly pokeable.

The snow has melted up here, finally. After a long, long winter. It's nicer in Iowa, where I am for about half of the year, but up here, with just me and Dough Girl? It's been bad. I've wanted to get riding out onto the trails, not in the arena or pastures, but the mud and ice have left that want utterly impossible.

My mornings lately have been me trodding out into the mud, toeing the ground with my boot, and scowling. I'd throw in a "maybe tomorrow," every now and then as well.

That tomorrow has finally come. In late April, it's finally solid enough to take my Dough Girl out. The both of us have had plenty of fresh winter air in the last few months, but there's something completely different from seeing your own home--and the world--from the back of your beloved horse. So, we spent the morning going up and down the roads, took a break in the afternoon for a nap (we're both getting on in years, you know!) and the evening was filled with a scenic route around the copse of trees near my property.

All in all, it was a horse wrider's good day. Writer + rider, get it? No? I should keep the puns out?

How's the weather, folks?

Picture by Dorian Wallender on Flickr.

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