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There Are Some Things Money Can't Buy
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There Are Some Things Money Can't Buy

Fleece cinch cover = $20

Fly spray = $25

Hoof vitamins = $50

Being welcomed with a friendly, “Barry White” nicker = Priceless

I am cheap. Garth Brooks, with his millions, told an interviewer that his mom often warned him, “The poor house is just around the corner!” I second that. I’ve been poor and now I’m good, and good is better. I grew up hovering between upper lower class and lower middle class, depending on my dad’s commission check for the month. We never went hungry, but there was one winter when there was no money to replace my worn out boots so I always slipped bread bags over my sock feet before pulling the boots on in an effort to keep dry. And where we lived, our cold wet winter lasted at least four months. Now as an adult with a steady income, I am very careful concerning where the money goes.

I shock myself every time I buy something for my Sportie with such a carefree attitude that you’d think I had a money tree in my backyard. He’s not really “my” Sportie since factually I ride him in return for barn chores, but in my heart he’s mine and I want his every need to be provided for. His owner takes care of his food, shelter and farrier but the rest is on me.

My husband may laughingly calls the rest "extras," but in this case “necessity” is in the eye of the one who has the privilege of riding and holding on to Sportie for as many years as God allows. Can you put a price on happiness, serenity, or sanity?

I refuse to put in print what I spend on horse treats because obviously, he deserves to get treated.

'To be rich is not what you have in your bank account, but what you have in your heart.' –Unknown

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