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Therapuetic riding programs benefits
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Therapuetic riding programs benefits

Last year, my daughter and I had the opportunity to put our passion for horses & experience to work as volunteers at a local therapeutic riding program called Horse Sense for Special Riders ( www.hssr.org ). We had been long time admirers of the program and finally, my daughter was old enough to become a leader or sidewalker in the program. After an informative training session, we began our 18 week journey and  found it was therapy for us as well!

The amazing therapy horses are so much fun to work with and the people that run the program and all of the volunteers are truly wonderful to be around. As volunteers, we  did everything from grooming, bathing, tacking up, exercising, sidewalking, leading, putting up hay, feeding, and fundraising to photographing the sessions and donating name tag buttons for volunteers and staff. We went into the program because of our love for horses but were rewarded with much more than I can express.

The gentle therapy horses are so very well taken care of and loved by all of the riders in the program. It was so much fun to see the joy on the faces of the children in the program and the family members that brought them to it. It truly was rewarding and we are looking forward to volunteering again this spring.

As horse enthusiasts, I encourage each of you to seek out therapeutic riding programs in your area and  put your skills to work and enjoy the rewards as we have. You won't regret it! 








































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  1. Michelle Jane
    Michelle Jane
    A video that I made for the program. Enjoy!http://animoto.com/play/tySywxI7l3E9xT20rgpToA
  2. naturegirl
    This is something I would encourage people to take part in - for both the volunteering and healing participation. Voted! When you have the chance, check out my new post, More on Naturopathic Care, and vote if you enjoyed it! By the way, don't foget that you can vote for yourself.
    1. Michelle Jane
      Michelle Jane
      Thanks! I also realize I spelled therapeutic incorrectly! sorry!
  3. Rene Wright
    Rene Wright
    What an amazing opportunity & I agree, more people should volunteer. Voted! Please check out Good for the goose... vote if you liked it. Thanks! :)
  4. jst4horses
    Thank you for this article. Just sharing your own horse is a chance to heal. A friend, after her brother was killed, told us that her friend kept bugging her to come groom and just be with her if she did not want to ride. After awhile, she went, and now is an equine therapist! When my life was at its darkest and I was on the long road to learn to walk and talk again after a high fever staph infection harmed every organ and even my brain........my sons bought me two horses no one could handle. One was an awesome halter champion Arabian who had gotten sold down in a divorce and abused. The other a syndicate stallion that they had hoped would be their Kentucky Derby winner, he fell in the rain and was horribly injured. They got them because they thought since I could no longer jog, run, dance, I might be less depressed by watching the horses. And, as my younger son said about one of the horses "someone will just beat him to death, he will never give in now". No one expected me to go back to riding, or training. What an experience. I should write a book! Now I too am a therapeutic riding Director and trainer.
    1. Michelle Jane
      Michelle Jane
      Awesome! Yes! you should write a book! Horses are amazing!

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