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The Woes of the Sensitive Skinned Horse
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The Woes of the Sensitive Skinned Horse

Hi, my name is Buzz. I am a 6 years old registered Paint Horse, and I am special. At least that is what I have heard from my human. She says it to everyone at the barn, accompanied with a sigh.

I am what is known as a Medicine Hat Paint, mostly white with a few flecks of red roan over my body and a cap of red roan over my ears. I have lots of pink skin, one half of one eye is blue (maybe that is why I am special) and no pigment around my eyes.

All year long I suffer from sore, weepy, crusty eyes, and seasonally I get a kind of scurf in a small patch on both shoulders. This year scratches to boot.

My human has tried all the tricks of the trade to help me. Personally, I think she is the one who is special. I think many other humans would have given up on me long ago. I hear her comment that I have more skin care products than she does. Could that be true? I have noticed an entire shelf at the barn dedicated to my lotions and potions, many of which have helped immensely.

Along with the help of my veterinarian, my human has tried so hard to make me feel comfortable. The latest addition to my skin care regime has been the daily use of a special horse mask. It is not a fly mask; it is specially designed to reduce UV rays by 95%. It fits my face fairly snuggly, and it feels like I am being cuddled all day, which I kinda like.

This mask has changed my life. I love it even though it makes me look like a giant bug....suits my name I guess. My eyes are no longer as weepy and red as they once were, the soreness has gone, and I feel "horse" again. I am happy to wear it as it gives me the desired protection from the sun. I don't know why my human hadn't thought of it earlier, especially since she wears sunglasses every day, even when it's cloudy.

For all of you sensitive skinned horse souls out there, there are lotions and creams that can help your problems. I am certain your human consults with your veterinarian as to which products to try. To those with sun sensitivity or other eye issues like me, try to let your humans know about the horse mask. Lastly, to my dear human, keep putting this mask on me every day. I would happily put it on myself, but I don't have thumbs.

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