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The Wild Horses of Idaho
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The Wild Horses of Idaho

The expansive rangelands of southwest Idaho are still home to many wild horses. Their strength and beauty are still recognized by horse lovers the world over. On the Owyhee Front, there are still several wild horse herds protected by the Bureau of Land management. This area is also home to ATV runs, motorcycle races and other outdoor activities that mean the horses must be protected also. Right now, the Bureau of Land Management is responsible for about 50,000 horses and they are in need of ways by which to get these horses adopted out. One of the ways they have come up with is the Extreme Mustang Makeover.

The Extreme Mustang Makeover returns to Idaho for their second year in Nampa, Idaho. Presented by the Bureau of Land Management and the Mustang Heritage Foundation, the event is held at the Ford Idaho Center on July 24 and 25 this year. It is to show that mustangs are trainable and manageable horses and to also help in increasing the adoption of these horses which has fallen off since the beginning of the 2000's. There are now more that 50,000 horses held in short and long time care by the Bureau. 

Competitors are given 100 days to train the horse and there are two competition levels. One is for youth 8-17 years of age who can win $5,000 and adults who then compete for a place in the top ten freestyle and who will share in a purse of $20,000. The adult mustangs are then available for adoption.

Many of the competitors in this event feel such a sense of accomplishment when it comes to the change that comes over the mustangs. For a wild horse to begin to trust and except their trainer is really an inspiring experience.

To find out more about horses available through the Bureau of Land Management you can contact Steve Leonard (208) 384-3454 or Ruby (208) 473-9868.

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  1. nascarangel
  2. Moocowlvr
    #2 or 3. Again I go up the page to see which one i was and its two more than the first amount of votes. Either way, was a joy to read of horse!!!
  3. tzigane
    I'm so glad the Mustangs are still being protected. A great part of our history. Hope the event went off successfully this year! #8 looks like you're doing well on this one!
  4. Victoria
    While I appreciate the talent behind the Extreme Mustang project, it is incorrect to characterize the BLM as "protecting" the wild horses. They round them up, destroy their herds, and cannot possibly adopt out the 50K (at least) horses they've brought into captivity. And now, according to the article at the link below, they are able to euthanize wild horses to balance their budgets. Sick. http://holistichorse.com/health-care/blm-plan-to-euthanize-wild-horses-blasted-by-cloud-foundation-/
    1. Eve Sherrill York
      Eve Sherrill York
      Sad. I shall email them.

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