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The Thrill of Accomplishments
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The Thrill of Accomplishments

It's always a great feeling when you accomplish something in general, but for us horse lovers it's like a brand new day when we accomplish something with our horse. Today was one of those days. 

I've always said Cookie was pretty darn smart & today she showed me just how smart she continues to be. I've been lunging her consistently for 3 days now. The first day was ok, not great, just ok. The second day was wow... she had a lot of energy & steam to let loose of. Today, we transitioned from walk -trot to trot-walk & back again with verbal commands & just a little inspiration from the lunge whip. She still is pinning her ears & doing a little jump up when going into the trot at first, but she's relaxing much more & getting into the swing of things. I was on top of the world when we did the transitions. They weren't beautiful or real smooth, but they happened. We'll work on the smoothness as we go along. There wasn't any burst of energy or steam today, though I'm sure if I had asked for it she would have obliged. I want her to remain relaxed at the walk & trot without raising her head to the moon & she did great. Only when hearing other noises did she raise her head, but then went right back to lowering it. 

We are also working on "moving our butt". With a very light tap on the side & the verbal command "move your butt", we're turning our hindquarters away from the tap. She goes great when moving away from the left, & still has a few issues going away from the right, but she was on top of things today. The important thing about moving sideways, whether it's front or hind is to get their legs to cross over. It helps to stretch muscles & ligaments as well as limber them up. Being fluid in the front & back makes it easier on the horse to figure out how & where to place its feet & gets them flexible. At the moment, I'm having her move her body while her jaw stays at my shoulder. I don't have a straight fence to work on going sideways right now, so that will come later. Right now just getting her to bend in the middle & move her butt is a great accomplishment. 

I also got more of her new stall cleaned out. Boy what a job it's turning out to be! I cut away limbs & vines from the window so more air could flow through there & picked up a good 4-5 dust pans full of sawdust & what nots. It use to be a wood working shed so you can just imagine how much sawdust is all over. I'm going to use a leaf blower to knock out more of it after I get the cobwebs down. 

I'm sure Cookie is bored doing lunge work. Her favorite thing is to go walking. Todays events & the rain prevented the walk, so hopefully tomorrow we'll get in a good stint. 

I've been itching to ride so bad & have been good at not just doing it. I've still got weight to lose, & while she's gaining weight & muscle, I'm not where I need to be in order to ride. I'll weigh myself Monday & see where I'm at. If you've never been in my position, you may not understand what I'm going through... I know it will all be worth it though. Starting with the basics on the ground is where I needed to be in the first place & that's where I'm at. I've learned so much from Cookie, probably a lot more than what she's learned from me. I know I'll be riding in no time & I just can't wait! 

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