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The Three Keys to Achieving Your Horsemanship Goals
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The Three Keys to Achieving Your Horsemanship Goals

The Three Keys to Achieving Your Goals

Do you write down your horsemanship dreams?

Or do they just float around in your head, as thoughts that you daydream about from time to time?

Transforming your dreams into goals and writing them down greatly increases the probability that you will actually achieve them.

If you record your goals and dreams and rewrite them on a consistent basis, you become much more likely to achieve your goals, according to research by Dr. Gail Matthews, a psychology professor at the Dominican University in California.

Isn’t that amazing?!?

Want to increase your odds of achieving your goal? Then share it with a trusted friend! By making a public statement of your goal, you commit to achieving it.

Want to increase your odds even more? The group in Dr. Matthews’ study that achieved the most sent weekly updates to their friend about the progress they were making towards their goal. In fact, 76% of the participants in that group reported that they either accomplished their goals or were at least half way there, compared to only 42% of the participants in the group that only thought about their goals.

For information about this study, visit this site from the Dominican University of California.

To summarize Dr. Matthews’ research, she discovered that there were three main components the increased the likelihood of achieving goals.

The first was writing down the goal.

The second was publicly committing to the goal.

And the third was having an accountability partner to report progress to.

So, how can you apply these three components toward achieving your horsemanship journey dreams?

The most obvious way to ensure success towards your horsemanship goals is to write down your goals, discuss them with a trainer, and take weekly lessons where you get instruction on how to achieve your goals, and have your trainer also act as an accountability partner to keep you on track.

I understand that not everyone is able to do that.

And that is ok.

One simple way to help you achieve your goals is through journaling. All that you need to do is get a notebook and a pen!

Journaling is such a powerful tool. Through journaling, you can record your thoughts and feelings, track your progress, think about how to overcome obstacles, and most importantly, write down your goals on a regular basis.

I like to take 5 minutes each day with my morning coffee and jot down my thoughts about my horsemanship journey. Some days it is about something I read in an article that I want to try, other days it might be thoughts and feelings about an obstacle along my journey that I have been struggling with, or it might be writing about an upcoming event that I am excited about and looking forward to. I also like to include what I am grateful for, then I end my journaling with a positive affirmation statement that reflects my horsemanship goals.

I also journal after my riding with my horses. This lets me track what is going well as we progress towards my goals. I write down what we need to improve upon. I record other notes too, like what tack we used, what the riding conditions were, etc. I also record any thoughts and feelings that stood out during the ride.  Then I end my journal entry with action goals for what to work on during my next ride. 

In addition to journaling, share can your goals with a trusted friend. The key here is that it has to be someone that believes that you can achieve your goal, and that will be supportive of you. If the person responds with negative comments or says “That’s impossible!” it will not be very helpful to you. So make sure it is someone who is positive!

What about an accountability partner if you ride alone most of the time? Social Media can be a positive tool here! There are many horse-related Facebook groups that you can join and post your progress on! Another option is to call your trusted friend, or you can email them weekly updates.

Personal Performance Coaching is another way to achieve your goals, and many personal performance coaches offer online coaching programs that are flexible with your schedule to help you develop personalized plans to achieve your horsemanship goals.

So what are your horsemanship goals? I would love to hear from you! Please leave a comment below with your goal and as a bonus, you are completing two of three components at once by writing down your goal, and committing to it by sharing it publicly!

You can also visit my website at www.socialstockwoman.com for more information about Personal Performance Coaching, Developing Mental Skills, and Transforming Your Horsemanship Dreams into Achievable Goals!

Get Gritty!

Siobhan “Chevy” Allen, The Social Stockwoman

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