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The Threat of Colic
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The Threat of Colic

I purchased Lady, from a man who used to run a riding stable, but had grown too old to keep the business going. He was a friend of my father's and when he found out about my love of horses I was told to come out to his farm and ride his horses. The first time I set eyes on Lady, a tall intelligent looking  8 year old mare, I had to make her mine. I was still in high school, having worked at the school library for the past three years saving money to buy a horse. So I bought Lady, and settling in with the responsibility of paying the expenses involved in horse care management. 

Every year I spent the entire summer at my uncle's farm. So it made sense to board her there. That summer was a special time of bonding and learning to ride my horse, and with each day came a new fun adventure, until that evening that colic struck.

My uncle had finished the evening chores and heard a commotion coming from the stable. Stopping in he discovered Lady, bathed in sweat and pawing the floor. Quickly, he realized something was wrong and came to the house to call the vet and get me. We quickly got Lady out of the stable and started rubbing her abdominal area with a blanket trying to dry her off. I remember walking her in the barnyard all the while praying that she would be okay. The vet came and since Lady refused to eat, she was forced to drink mineral oil in hope it would solve the problem. It seemed like hours that we walked her, as she groaned and strained, and stretched at times trying to have a bowel movement. 

Finally in the wee hours of dawn a movement was produced and the gas emitted to the relief of the vet and Lady. It is said that colic is one of the main illnesses horses can die from, but luckily my horse made it through the ordeal and never suffered from it again. 

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  1. Rene Wright
    Rene Wright
    Voted. Colic can be so scary & yes, fatal. Thankfully your horse pulled through it with your uncles quick thinking! Please check out my blogs & vote if you like them. Thanks!
    1. sweedly
      Thanks for your comment and vote. It was a scary time for me and we were not sure she would be okay. But it worked out in the end. I will check out your blogs.

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