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The Tallest Horse Visits Fair with a Donkey in Tow
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The Tallest Horse Visits Fair with a Donkey in Tow

Humans come in different shapes and sizes. While there are people who are excessively tall, there are also individuals who are victims of dwarfism.

Oddity is often observed in body structures of human beings right from the time of their birth; such defects are referred to as congenital defects. Such imperfections prove that Mother Nature is not perfect. This article will, however, talk about imperfections in animals; yes, animals like humans, can also have structural irregularities.

The 2014 Midwest Horst Fair in Wisconsin allowed people to see the tallest horse and donkey living on this planet currently. They are much taller than the regular horses and donkeys. A video with footage of these two animals has even showed that the head of the donkey is almost as big as the torso of a 5 ft 3 inch tall person.

The world’s tallest donkey and horse are being accommodated in comfortable spaces at the Midwest Horse Fair. They have undoubtedly been the star attractions of the 35th edition of the annual fair.

There are many who visited the fair just to witness these big animals; according to reports, the 3-day fair had almost 55,000 people as visitors during the weekend. Reports also suggest that such was the popularity of the 2014 Midwest Horst Fair that the city of Madison earned revenue of $8.4 million just by organizing the fair; this includes expenses at local shops, hotels, restaurants and other such businesses.

The organizers of the fair made sure that the two lovely creatures receive everything they need. Caley Gilbert, the caretaker of the horse and Cara Barker Yellott, the caretaker of the donkey has informed that both animals consume more water and food compared to their relatives due to their dimensions.

Big Jake, as people lovingly call the horse that according to Guinness Book of World Records is the tallest living horse the world currently has, is a Belgian gelding. Those who have missed the chance of meeting Jake at the fair can visit Smokey Hollow Farm, the current residence of the tallest living horse. It is a farm located in Poynette, Wisconsin.

How tall is Jake actually? He is only a quarter inch shorter than 6 ft 11 inches (20 hands and 2.25 inches) and has a body weight of around 2,600 pounds.

The name of the tallest Donkey of the world is Romulus. As donkeys are usually shorter than horses, Romulus is also shorter than Jake. His height is 5 ft 8 inches (17 hands), which makes him 5 inches taller than Oklahoma Sam, the donkey that held the Guinness World Record for being the world’s tallest donkey before him.

Unlike Jake, Romulus came to the fair with one of his family members, his brother. Those who are acquainted with Roman mythology might have already guessed the name of his brother; yes, his name is Remus. Remus, who is just 2 inches shorter than Romulus, lives in Red Oak, Texas with his brother.

Romulus and Remus are American Mammoth donkeys; donkeys belonging to this breed are known for their large size. 

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