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The Right Horse
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The Right Horse

Horse shopping is lots of fun everyone, but buyer beware! There are many people especially in today’s economy picking up horses for cheap and selling them for much more! Know your seller! The internet is a great tool of information, but unfortunately, it’s a camping ground for scam artists. Buyers need to know their stuff-and if not-take someone with you who does! Do not browse the internet and buy!!! There is so much of this going on and people are not ending up with the correct match. Unfortunately, this leads to many unsatisfied horse owners and the horses suffer for it. Lets start to put a stop to this impulse buying and learn our craft! Take lessons, lease first to be sure you are in for the long haul, and know your budget! Horses are expensive to commit to-know this is possible for you (another reason so many horses are winding up in quick sale situations). If all the components fit and you are ready to commit to full time horse ownership ask questions. Buy only from reputable people, take your trainers with you, and pay for those vet check exams!!! Take your time buying. Have the owner ride the horse for you first-if you don’t want the horse do not waste the owners time or your own time. If you try the horse and you like the horse ride him outside the ring or indoor, take him or her on a trail if it’s a trail horse you are searching for. If it’s a show horse ask to take the horse off the property and see the horse in a show atmosphere, and if it’s a barrel horse run the horse on and off the property!!! These may sound like obvious things, but time and time again I have seen people purchase horses just because the ad says “Barrel horse,” “Event Horse,” “Trail Horse.” Please everyone, the horses are the ones paying the price-slow down and find the right horse for you!!! They deserve a life partner and are very much aware that they are being tossed around! And unfortunately, there are people out there waiting to take advantage of first time buyers. Let’s end this cycle once and for all.

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  1. shumes
    Good advice! I voted up your post. If you have a moment could you check out my two latest posts? It would be appreciated if you could vote them up if you enjoy them! :) http://www.ofhorse.com/view-post/How-to-Store-Your-Winter-Blankets-the-Right-Way-In-3-Steps-2 http://www.ofhorse.com/view-post/Have-You-Caught-People-Exposing-Children-To-This-Dangerous-Piece-of-Safety-Equipment
    1. Maria Sorgie
      Maria Sorgie
      I voted for you too. Loved them
  2. MrA
    Thank you so much for writing an article on this very important topic. The horse world needs more people like you. Many of us love our horses, but we need to really look a little deeper, when shopping for a horse and make sure we do our research. As I mentioned in another article, you clearly care about these animals and I am very grateful topics like this are being given attention.
  3. Andreana Dorrs
    Andreana Dorrs
    Nice article, enjoyed it!
  4. scriber57
    Beware of the horse auctions too. The horses can be doped and may seem docile, but when the dope wears off, they are anything but tame. We know a friend who just spent over a $1,000 on a horse that was not even broke once he got him home, even though he bought him as thoroughly broke.

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