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The Power of Mares
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The Power of Mares

     Hi “Of Horse” folks, its us Pony Bloggers (Gucci, Sweetsie and Leggs) here to talk about the power of mares. After all, we are experts on the subject as you all know by now-we are mares.

     Most women can remember the very first time they sat on a horse. That little girl blossomed and grew sitting on a horse’s back. It’s fact folks; it’s good for the girls and its good for the mares.

     Mares are full of wisdom about life that young girls can learn from. We have many moods, are nurturing, fiery, willing and unwilling. We are also live creatures with many needs.

     Girls learn how to be responsible for us. Mares cost money and a girl could be partially responsible for our care. And in a world that enforces the importance of values on the way a girl looks, we help place a little girls value on what they may accomplish.

     Girls mature into confident, mature, and capable young ladies by working with mares and learning from them. They become leaders, can make quick decisions and trust their instincts. They also learn to ask, know when to back off, organize skills and time effectively, and to multitask.

     Mares give back far more than they cost in ways that are immeasurable. A mare is a true friend every girls needs. Mares are steady and can be relied upon benefiting girls emotionally. Girls can tell their mares anything and this may help her from having to seek out less reliable alternatives.

     Mares know about life and survival. Girls learn too by being a part of their lives. Mares believe the girls are their family when treated well and pass a very important lesson forward. Girls grow into empathic, responsible, strong, engaged women. The Pony Bloggers believe every little girl should grow up along side a mare.

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  1. Cowgirl
    Absolutely Love This Post!
  2. Tara
    So beautiful! Reminds me how blessed I am to have an amazing mare in my life!
  3. tiger6xray
    my daughters have grown into beautiful young adults and I know the horses have helped them and me along the way! Thanks for posting!
  4. MrA
    What a wonderful article. Especially in our current times of social media and the plethora of distractions that young girls face today. The bond between a girl and an animal really teaches us about ourselves. Thank you
  5. arabobsession
    Have only just read your post. and I might be late, but I am going to vote for you anyway. I have only ever owned mares and I can't imagine life without them. All my friends own geldings and are always telling me to get rid of my moody mare and my answer is always " how boring would riding be if my horse did what I wanted when I wanted", no geldings for me ever. I love this post.

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