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The Perfect Horse
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The Perfect Horse

Is there such a thing as a perfect horse? Yes, there can be if you take the time to teach your horse manners. No one likes to be around a horse that has no respect for humans as it can be very dangerous. Many accidents with horses don’t involve the “big black stallion,” in fact, it is usually the backyard pony that was never taught to behave.

Picture how you want your horse to behave, such as standing still for grooming and tacking up, not crowding your space as you lead him, etc. If you can devote 15-20 minutes a day to working with your horse, he will be well on his way to becoming the perfect horse. A really great tool I recommend to use is the Dually halter. It has a second noseband with rings on both sides that slide through the normal halter rings as pressure is applied.

Work with the horse in hand with this halter, backing him up and leading him forward, making sure to loosen the noseband when he responds correctly. Once you establish an understanding with him, the concept of “putting him to work” for any negative behavior can be used in just about any situation. If he doesn’t like standing still and keeps moving around, a bit of work will make him think twice before moving again. It also works great if the horse tends to be nippy about grooming or the girth being tightened. The uses are endless.

Since I have schooled my mare extensively with this halter to help with her fear of trailers, she has awesome manners which makes her a joy to be around. Mares can be a bit trickier to work with than geldings as they are very sensitive. My girl showed me that if I respect her, she will respect me too. It may be hard and frustrating at first, but if you stick with it you will have a perfect horse.

Good luck and happy riding!

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    Chestnut Mare
    Voted. Great blog, some very good advice here. You might be interested in my latest blog, The Real Horse Whisperers, and if you like it, please vote.:-)

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