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The Mysterious Uffington White Horse
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The Mysterious Uffington White Horse

The Uffington White Horse is a portrayal of a horse in large dimensions, sitting on a hill, and made from crushing chalk into trenches. It was built on the upper slopes of White Horse Hill in the parish of Uffington. It measures 110 meters and can, of course, be seen from the sky.

Some believed that it was made during the Iron Age, while others believe it was during the Bronze Age. This is because it resembles other Celtic art. In 1990, however, Simon Palmer and David Miles finally dated it to the Bronze Age, making it official.

For the longest time, debates have been going on to try and decipher which type of animal is portrayed on the top of that hill. It could be symbolic, and linked to Uffington castle builders. The mystery surrounding it is still ripe.

Some are even finding information that leads to this depiction as being unicorn, and not a horse. Legend has it that the area is ripe with tales of dragons and folklore legends and myths, so it would be appropriate to say that this beast, who does not quite appear to be a horse, is actually a unicorn whose horn was removed by religious scholars on the grounds that there is no such animal on Earth.

But, why was it built? Celtic coins of pre-roman ages show this horse, and some argue that they had something to do with it. However, other locations have similar horses drawn on the ground as well. The Folkestone White Horse is very much alike; the one in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, as well, and there are two others – Cockington Green, Australia and Georgia, United States.

Could these horse depictions be connected? Or are they truly just coincidences, since the tribes associated with these locations all had horses in their areas and just happened to all feel the need to honour them?


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photo credit:  Wiki

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  1. Chestnut Mare
    Chestnut Mare
    Voted. I loved this blog! I used to live near quite near Uffington as a child, so we used to visit the White Horse for days out sometimes, a magical place! Are you British too, or do you just know the area?

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