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The Morgan: A Draft Horse, Workhorse, and Racehorse
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The Morgan: A Draft Horse, Workhorse, and Racehorse

Once upon a time, there lived a man by the name of Justin Morgan. Morgan was a schoolmaster, a composer, and a businessman originally from Springfield, Massachusetts. He later moved to Randolph, Vermont. It was in the fall of 1785 when he walked all the way back to Springfield to collect a payment for a debt. Upon arriving in Springfield, the debtor informed Morgan that he could not afford to pay the debt. Instead, he offered a pair of colts.

Morgan accepted the colts. One of the colts was larger than the other. Since he felt no need for them, he decided that he would sell one to cover his debts and keep the other. The larger colt, of course, sold quickly. However, Morgan could not sell the smaller one. This colt became know as Figure, but would later be called Justin Morgan, after the man who owned him. Though the colt was small in size, he was big in heart. He would do anything from plowing a field to light pleasure riding. He was a draft horse, a workhorse, and a racehorse all in one. He could pull faster and work harder than any other horse of his day.

This little insignificant colt grew up to become what is known as America's first horse breed. The breed is, of course, versatile as well as eager. He is brave and friendly. He is a broad-chested horse with a medium sized head that tapers down to the muzzle. His height ranges from 14.1 to 15.2 hands. The breed contributed to other breeds such as the Tennessee Walking Horse and Standardbred. He is considered the state horse in Vermont. 

Had Justin Morgan been paid in cash for his debt, the Morgan may not be here today. Isn't it interesting how something that seems inconvenient can actually be something great?

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  1. Purplefire98
    My last horse was a Morgan horse his name was Carnival and he was such an amazing gentleman. He is missed. Thanks for your article.

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