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The Miniature Star That Lit Up Christmas
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The Miniature Star That Lit Up Christmas

According to the website guidehorse.com, breeding miniature horses has its own set of problems. The most common one being birth defects and a low mortality rate.

It looked like the fate of little Twinkle would be similar to that of dozens of miniature foals before her, an early death just a day or two after being born. But it seemed that nature had something else in store for her. She was going to survive and live like the shining star she’d been named after.

The founder of a local horse rescue centre, Thompson was alerted regarding Twinkle’s plight. She ensured that immediate help would be underway. A pick-up truck was on its way to collect the little foal and take her back to safety.

The volunteer who came to pick her up was awed by the tiny little foal. She couldn’t help but cuddle her sweet little body. According to the founder, the future for Twinkle didn’t look promising. It seemed that she wouldn’t survive.

Fighting for her life

Thompson made sure that Twinkle would receive the best care ever. She wanted the little one to survive. This led to frequent night feeds as well as a comfortable place in Thompson’s own home.

To Thompson, it was almost like raising a small child of her own. It hasn’t been an easy road to recovery. Twinkle suffered a relapse when she was just a week old on her first trip to the vet. However, she survived.

To those who look at her now it would be hard to ever think that Twinkle was once sick, so sick that she could have died. She has now doubled her birth weight and is a happy frolicking little pony. At first glance, she could be mistaken for a frisky dog. That’s how active and playful she is now.

A savior for horses

Twinkle isn’t the only horse which Thompson has rescued. She must have helped save hundreds of little horses. Often enough the situation is too dire and some do not even survive, but somehow Twinkle did and she is almost like an early Christmas present for the volunteers at the horse rescue.

For the volunteers, she is a beacon of hope. A symbol of how determination can prevail over all odds. Twinkle is the youngest horse to come to the rescue mission but she’s most definitely not the last. For Thompson, she’s a small bundle of joy and aptly named because she represents all things shining brightly.

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