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The Loss of Heineken
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The Loss of Heineken

My second horse was purchased after I was married. The horse was a birthday gift from my husband, whose favorite brand of beer was Heineken, thus the horse's new name. She was a very gentle horse and easy to ride. I spent many days riding through the woods and on back country roads. In the summer she was pastured at our farm and in the winter I boarded her in a friend's barn.

Then came the terrible day that our house burned down. My cousin came to get Heineken, and take her away from all the noise and confusion, glaring flashing lights and smoke, and flames. Unknown to me at the time, instead of taking her through the back fields or woods, he rode her right up through our backyard and right past the firetrucks and crowds of people who came to watch. I was in shock most of that day, just watched our dreams become ashes.

After it was all over I went to my uncle's farm to see about my horse. There I found a much different horse. She was jumpy and had a wild look in her eyes. I could not even get near, as she fought the ropes that held her, rearing up if anyone got too close. A few days later my cousin attempted to ride her once more and she reared up and almost fell over backwards, and he barely escaped injury when he was thrown off.

We had a horse expert look at her and the news was not good. My gentle loving horse was now crazy. Something in her brain could not handle the fear and confusion of the day before. The chance of riding her again was near zero. I had to give her away to someone who tried to help her regain something close to normal thought, but it was a lost cause and in the end she was put down.

I had lost my home and my horse all in one day. Knowing I had to get my life back in some form of order and find a place to live, our life moved on. But even now looking at the pictures of her in my albums and remembering times of riding her still brings tears to my eyes and a deep sadness that I carry to this day. 

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  1. Rene Wright
    Rene Wright
    I am sorry for your losses. I don't know if you have other horses, or if you're able to have another at this time, but I do know that they can help heal you. May God watch over you & bring you healing & comfort. Voted.
    1. sweedly
      This horse was my last horse. I have ridden since that time, but have not lived anywhere since then that I could have or afford another horse of my own. This event happened on July 4th, 1976. It was big fireworks for the farming community I lived in. I was 22, at the time and it was a heartbreaking event.Thanks so much for your kind comment.
  2. Old School
    So sorry for your loss. Our horses are such sensitive and fine-tuned beings. Anyone who believes they do not feel things as deeply as humans hasn't been around horses much. I hope one day you will have the chance to companion another horse.
  3. naturegirl
    Oh, I know the feeling. Althoug it's with a cat, it happened to me too. She went bezerk after she bit me out of sheer fright because another cat was at my living room window. She was never the same afterwards, and I had to put her down. I still think about her a lot. Voted. If you have the chance, read my new post, When to Tap, and vote if you like it.
  4. Chestnut Mare
    Chestnut Mare
    Voted. I am sorry for all your losses. Poor Heineken, the fire clearly did affect her badly. I know that horses are very sensitive animals and I am very concerned about their treatment by humans, hence the subject of my latest blog The Horrors of Horse-Racing. Please check that out if you have time and vote if you like it, thanks!:-)
  5. sweedly
    Thanks for your comments. Losing something or someone you love is always hard to get over, but at least I have good memories of her.

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