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The Horse-meat Scandal
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The Horse-meat Scandal

I thought this subject is something all horse-loving people should be aware of, if you are not already. There is currently a big scandal in Britain about horse-meat being found in foods that were labeled as beef! It has been in the news constantly since January of this year: first it was the supermarket Tesco who did a random test on some of their beef burgers, and they were found to contain horse-meat. Now the company Findus who make ready-meals are under fire, because their meals (lasagnes, etc.) have been tested too and found to contain “up to 100%” horse-meat. The scale of the contamination is spreading day by day, with more and more products being implicated. It is suspected that even donkey meat has also been used.

The meat is imported from suppliers in Europe with most of it is believed to come from Romania. This product is not only misleading consumers, but is also likely to be the result of great suffering caused to horses by being transported over very long distances over Europe and then slaughtered in the most cruel manner. The charity World Horse Welfare estimates that there are around 65 000 horses who meet their end this way each year. 

These recent revelations have really just shown the true nature of how meat is produced as cheaply as possible, with corruption and contamination issues being only the tip of the iceberg, seemingly. A good many of the meat suppliers are currently under investigation and being threatened with prosecution. It appears that much of the meat is contaminated with drugs given to horses which are not safe for humans, so it is not just our cultural distaste for eating horse-meat, but also serious health issues which are at stake. Some of the horse-meat has been shown to contain phenylbutazone (or bute), which is a veterinary drug which is banned in animals that are meant for human consumption, as it can cause blood disorders and cancer, according to this report.

This has understandably sent shockwaves through the British public, but not me particularly- I am vegan, so I have not eaten meat for a good many years, and I can't really see the difference between eating a horse or a cow, pig, etc. It's just a cultural preference really, isn't it? I won't eat any type of meat, as I know that with all of them the suffering and death are just the same (not meaning to get on a soap-box here, but I just so wish other people would make this connection too).

I hope that this blog gave you some food for thought. Your votes and comments are much appreciated.

Picture courtesy of www.independent.co.uk

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  1. naturegirl
    Great. Although no meat is my motto - and yours too - this is still fraud. Lying to customers is awful! Voted!
  2. sweedly
    I too eat very little meat, but horse meat probably has less drugs in it than cattle. But the fraud part is the bad. People have a right to know what they are eating. Voted.
    1. Chestnut Mare
      Chestnut Mare
      Thanks ladies. Yes, that is the major cause for concern in this scandal, the fraud aspect. But that is what happens when there is this constant public demand for getting meat as cheaply as possible - you get all these completely unscrupulous practitioners who can buy horse-meat or other kinds more cheaply than beef, and then pass it off as beef, etc. After all, who is going to know the difference? No one did, until random DNA tests were done on the meals. The truth will out, as the saying goes....
      1. naturegirl
        Hey, I have a new one... come by when you have the chance!
  3. Rene Wright
    Rene Wright
    Stuff like this & the slaughter sent wild or feral horses here in America makes me wonder often if all of our "beef" is really just that. In the town I live in, we often have meat that is from Mexico which is big on horse slaughter. I wonder if anyone here has thought about having the beef tested? I am out of votes for today, but I will return & vote for you tomorrow. Please stop by & check out my blogs: Moody Mares & Workout in the Mud & vote if you like them. Thank you.
    1. Chestnut Mare
      Chestnut Mare
      Thank you, will do!
    2. Rene Wright
      Rene Wright
      Ok! It let me vote. :) #5
  4. threeceltichorse
    Makes me glad I don't eat red meat. Only chicken or fish.

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