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The Horse and the Boy Who Ruled the World
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The Horse and the Boy Who Ruled the World

The handlers tried to hold him yet their fingers slipped from the ropes, burning their palms red fiery with the passions that have long been unbridled. Untamed and dangerous, he was a gift that the king himself had rejected. Dust swirls as another man was flung to the ground.

The man screams in agony as he watched the blood on his hands.

He promptly runs away.

The king bellows in laughter and shakes his head to the merchant who was trying to sell him this wild beast.

The merchant graciously pleads with him and the king gave him the forbearance that he deserved, for after all, this merchant made him laugh as he have not done so for many moons. 

Among the crowd, a boy was mesmerized by the sheer strength and beauty of the black horse. He had first seen the beast as it was being led inside the palace courtyard. This horse was adamant and full of fury, refusing to go where it does not please. It had to take three strong men - the strongest of whom had a large purple bruise on his cheek, to bring him inside to be sold to the king.

It was then that the boy saw the mark of fate on the horse's eyes, a white star on a field of black. Then and there, he knew that this horse was his and he, him.

He dreamed it.

He saw the gaze of fear and fury on its eyes as the men tried to calm him down to no report. The third man who held the horse, small as he was, desperately clung to the rope quite comically. He was more afraid of letting it go and to later feel the unknown pain that would befall him if such a beast were to run wild inside the king's courtyard. He was being flailed like a rag doll.

It was then when the boy calmly approached the horse, with a dignified air of simplicity and humility. The dust on his feet was still as he took one step at a time, slowly and with thoughts of the good on his head. 

He gazed at it and it gazed at him, as it went about its way to get the stubborn man off of his harness.

All this time, the horse and the boy was locked in their gaze, as if their minds have met in a quiet meadow of solitude, peaceful and far from the shouts of fearful men. 

The boy, without looking at the man being flung effortlessly, motioned for him to let go. Gladly, the little man, released his clenched fist, knowing fully well that he has been absolved of this dreary task of trying to control something beyond his power. He scampered away to safety and cast a glance at the king's guard to make sure that they saw what just transpired. 

The prince ordered him to flee, he obeyed and they all knew it.

The horse saw it, he felt relieved, he understood and he knew that this boy is and will be his master, from now until forever.

The crowd was silenced.

The king stopped talking to the merchant.

The merchant was relieved.  

Alexander the Great, has met Bucephalus, his legendary steed.




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