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The Horse-Human Partnership
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The Horse-Human Partnership

At Happy Horse Training, our fundamental intention with any horse is to enhance that horse's life to the greatest extent possible - in accordance with their own choice -  as a result of the horse-human partnership.

Over the years the process of putting this intention into practice has seemed to happen in a backward direction. Whenever things were not working out well, or something was missing in the arena, the search would extend into the other areas of horse management and health. But it was always the physical training process itself that was the barometer.

This was maybe just a necessary awakening which happened for us as our early influences were all very traditional and conventional. When I really concentrate on what matters to me the most about what I achieve with horses however, the answer is not chained to the arena and being in the saddle - in fact it is the relationship which matters above all.

The importance of the physical training is that it is one of our greatest tools in forming that relationship. It allows us both to transcend  our individual selves in a way that nothing else can. So, over time this this intention to enhance horse's lives,  to heal them in fact, has created its own reality, and the pathways and information necessary for the partnership to express itself have opened up over time, in all kinds of ways:


  • Therapeutic unwinding of the energy restriction pattern (emotional & physical) a process which continues throughout the horse's life. The rider also undergoes this process, moving towards their own spirituality.
  • Developing the physical (riding) connection between horse and rider through bio-mechanical and spiritual engagement of both beings.
  • Seeking to allow a horse to 'be themselves' to the greatest  degree possible in the domestic situation.


What I didn't understand at the beginning was that the process was happening as much in myself as in the horses. They were exposing my weaknesses and limitations, and ultimately, they were my healers. So this mutual healing is in fact 'the partnership' between horse and human. It is only concerned with one goal, and that is being present with each other. The presence can be at any time, and at all times. So there is no drive towards a particular dressage accomplishment if it doesn't improve our consciousness of each moment. There are no sacrifices made in order to be ready for this test or that lesson if it takes away from our connection with each other.

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