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The Horse Girl: Then and Now
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The Horse Girl: Then and Now

I was recently talking to some of my friends about horse inspiration. They're not the types to ride anymore, though of course I sure try my best to convince them of the better way! That said, a few things came up that I'd like to talk about.

When asking them what they knew about horses, one of the first answers was "well, apparently they're omnivores by choice, and that's terrifying!" ...I'll grant her that view. Onto the next--which was a solid "I used to be the 'horse girl' in school, with stickers and pencil cases," to which I could relate. 

I was the horse girl.

I'm still the horse girl. 

There were a few things Horse Girls (sorry, no trademark here!) had in their horse inventory growing up, especially if they didn't have real, live horses. The Breyers were big ones, and my friends and I would trade them at school... and then get reprimanded because we weren't allowed to do that.

"Breyer® models begin as beautiful horse sculptures created by leading equine artists that are then cast into a copper and steel mold. Each model is created one at a time from the original mold, which is injected with a special resin selected by Breyer for its ability to capture the depth of detail, delicate feel and richness of color in our models. Once the model is molded, Breyer’s artisans take over, and the handwork begins. Each individual Breyer® model is prepped and finished by hand and then turned over to the painting department for hand painting (with airbrushes) and detailing (with paint brushes). In all, some 20 artisans work on each individual model horse, creating an exquisite hand-made model horse that is as individual as the horse that inspired it."

It was a fun time. The 90s were a good time, in my opinion. As a kid, we had no cares in the world. The adults must have had it harder, but thanks to this--and this site--I can relive those happy days so easily.

Because I'm still a horse girl.

Photo by Sarah Darwin on Flickr.

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