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The Herd At Dawn
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The Herd At Dawn

"This is a poem written in the early morning hours of a sleepy summer morning.  When I was a teen, I spent my spare time watching the herd (ours was about 40 head) and when the sun first comes up is my favorite time to watch them.  They're starting to stir; the young ones are becoming frisky.  Suddenly that tell-tale sign of a need to fly: breakfast time!  I hope these words inspire you to pick up a pen and go watch some horses.  You'll be surprised what a little equine influence can do for writer's block."

The Herd At Dawn

Behind a stretch of trees, past a barbwire fence, up a gravel road

and around the bend is a sight to behold.

Looking down upon this hidden treasure, this dreamer's haven,

you'll lose all thought of time and reality.

All that matters is becoming a part of the hills and the sunrise.

Deep down you know this is where you belong;

this is what you've been waiting for.

Nothing can unfreeze this moment in time.

Your soul is now a part of this peace, embedded in the sparkling,

dew-covered grass, caught up in the sound of the

sleepy morning song bird and consumed by the gentle mist that caresses the

ground in a tender embrace.


Then comes the gently growing sound of soft thunder;

the quiet rhythmic beating of feet upon the ground.

Your breath catches; your heart stills, and

through the trees bursts forth angels in all their beauty.

Their fleeting footfalls capture your very being

and suddenly your spirit is racing with them across the hill.

The ecstasy fills you from within and you can

feel no pain, no worry, no sadness;

you are one with Freedom.

You are safe within these sheltering walls.


Written by Megan Gregory


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  1. Emac
    This is a GREAT, WONDERFUL & BEAUTIFUL Poem. Ive always liked horses & have been around them some when I was younger but it wasn't until about 13yrs ago when I was around them everyday sometimes all day long & I grew to love them & even though im not around them as often or as much as I was & I don't own any, I still love them just as much. Horses are very beautiful animals & just about everyone is different from the next & they have their very own personalities

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