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The Halfway Point in Your Horse Crazy Week
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The Halfway Point in Your Horse Crazy Week

Wednesday has finally arrived! You have reached the halfway mark of your work or school week. What are you going to do to keep yourself from going crazy waiting for the weekend to come? You know, when you can just live at the barn for the weekend basically. These are all things that don't involve being able to go to the barn! So great for a rainy day too!

You could work on setting goals. Start small with your goals for you and your horse this week. Maybe it's something as simple as making time to pull his mane or practice what you did in your last lesson. Once you have the short term goals like today and this weekend, look at the bigger picture. Goals for the month, or even for the whole year. Being goal-oriented in anything you do will make you more likely to succeed. It's easy too, all it involves is a little thing on your part. Of course, I also recommend writing down your goals. Not only so you can remember to keep working towards them but also so you can take progress notes.

If you are a trail rider, I bet you are always looking for new places to ride. Even if you are a show rider or a ring rider, it is good to break the routine and get out on the trails. Spend some time researching new places that you and your friends could take your horses for an outing. Make sure you get all the details: things like how far away it is. If it is a park is there an entry fee or parking fee? How is the terrain? Will a barefoot horse be able to go on this ride without bruising their bare hooves? The more information you can give your friends on a potential place to ride, the more likely they will be to want to do it! Present your list to your riding friends, and see what they think. Then schedule an outing sometime in the future.

Say what you wish, but any good horseman or woman will tell you that there are things you can learn from every discipline. Pick a discipline besides your own and do some reading on it. See if there are any local shows that you could go watch. Put them on the calendar. See if anyone else wants to go with you. You will learn something, I promise, and you never know you might discover something new you want to try with your horse.

That's three horsey things to focus on until you can get back to the barn this weekend. Wednesday, goal setting. Identify both short and longterm goals. Thursday, research places you and your friends could go to ride, get all the details. Then see if you can arrange an outing with your horse and horsey friends. The horses always enjoy a change in scenery. Then on Friday, look into a new discipline. Find out where you can go to watch it. It is time to broaden your horsey horizons!

Hopefully, the days until you can be with your horse again will fly by!

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