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The Girls
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The Girls

Everyone always ask me how I can afford three horses and doesn't it take alot of time? My answer is simple when you love something and they love you back unconditionally there is no price that can be put on that.  My mother rode when she was pregnant with me so horses are in my blood.  I have learned how to make their winter blankets and show clothes and fortunately learned in school how to vet them when they need it and when to call the vet. 

My three girls; Boston -a 9 yo quarter horse who rescued me. She needed a human to love and I needed a horse to love, is the first of my equine children in a very long time. Brat (yes that is her actual name) - my middle child a 5 yo TB was love at first sight. She is a University of Florida Gator as she was born at UF as her full sister 4 yo MoChroi (prounced MoKray-means my heart in Gaelic, an old Irish language). Both TB's are great grand-daughters of 1977 Triple Crown Winner Seattle Slew and the sanest TBs I have ever dealt with. 

Each day these three eagerly greet me when I drive onto the farm. Each one has her own personality and mannerisms.  Boston is queen of the barn and is my bombproof girl. She takes care of her rider but don't let her easy manner fool you as she will attempt to push your buttons and see what she can get away with. She actually poses when a camera is around.  Brat is a bit more skittish but once she gets in the show ring is all business. She is the princess of the barn and can be possessive of me to the other barn horses. Mo is my easy goer. She has the laid back attitude of "OK you want me to do that, alright." Mo is also my klutz. She comes up with more scrapes than a 3 year old boy.  

No matter if I'm in a bad mood these three are there to listen. They are the best therapist anyone could ask for. 

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  1. naturegirl
    I love how you detail each one's personality. I voted for you! When you have the chance, check out my new article, Are North-American Horses 'Native' or Not?, and vote if you enjoyed it!
  2. threeceltichorse
    Naturegirl - thanks so much. Will definitely check out your article

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