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The Elephant and The Bedbug
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The Elephant and The Bedbug

When my mother was growing up in 1930-1940's, she lived on a farm, that her father owned and operated. A man who was a friend of her father's wanted to board his son's pony there in exchange for letting my mother and her younger sister ride the pony.

It was an agreed upon offer, as it would be entertainment for the sisters, as well as the son when he wanted to ride. There were work horses on the farm but being draft animals they were only used for plowing and planting crops, and harvesting, and for pulling farm machinery. That left no chance of horseback riding for the sisters.

However, the pony grew fat and sleek, on good food and care, and pasture grass, and they rode him often. One day when they had the pony out their father stopped by to watch them ride. He told his youngest daughter she had grace and beauty, in her riding style. She sat the horse perfectly and was a joy to watch.

Then he turned to his oldest daughter, my mother, and told her what a good rider she was, but one thing was wrong, her legs were a bit long and her feet were almost dragging on the ground. She sat the pony with ease and grace, however, she looked like a elephant riding a bedbug. 

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  1. Chestnut Mare
    Chestnut Mare
    Voted. An amusing comment there at the end! I have just written about draught horses as well; please see my latest blog, Those Famous Budweiser Horses, and if you like it, your vote is much appreciated!
  2. Rene Wright
    Rene Wright
    Voted. Great story. I once was an Elephant riding a bedbug. lol It didn't last too long though as my parents had a buy sell trade business & a bigger horse came along pretty quickly.

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