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The Beginning: An Amazing Connection
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The Beginning: An Amazing Connection

Hi ya! This is the story of Me and Kat. I'd like to share the rest, up until now,and how things develop in future posts. She is my first horse and my initiation into the horsey world.


I stood there with tears rolling down my cheeks, but smiling ear to ear. I felt as if my heart was expanding in my chest. Was this really happening? The big palomino horse looked back at me with bright knowing eyes. She seemed as if she new exactly what to do even though I was standing there dumb struck. This was the first time I met Kat. Back then I thought her name was Katrina. I had gone to the barn that Friday morning , just like every Friday morning to volunteer. I had gotten a few lessons for a Christmas gift and wanted to keep coming to see the horses, but I couldn’t afford anymore. It was like that little girl love of horses that was put away came bubbling up to the surface. I wanted more! I began mucking stalls, grooming, cleaning water buckets and anything needed doing on Friday mornings. Soon I began doing energy work on some of the sore or lame horses. “Really?” I responded excitedly when asked by my horsey, energy worker friend to help. So cool! I just wanted to be around them. But mostly, I wanted to learn as much as I could. I had ridden only a handful of times over the years and was very green.

Now with the mention of energy work, you may have guessed that I am not a fourteen year old horse-crazed teen. I’m a 34 year old married mother of two, cleaning up horse poop on my day off and loving it! I arrive at the barn on that warm spring morning, ready to scoop poop and see my new “friends”. As I walk down to the stalls and look out over the pasture, usually full of brown horses (I soon learn they are Bays and Chestnuts) I see someone new. She is a big palomino, and she is beautiful. I find out that she is a Tennessee Walking Horse and they called her Katrina. I was in love. Every spare moment between chores I venture over to the pasture to gaze at her and try to get her to come over for a pat or scratch. I never wanted to waste too much time with the horses when I was there to help, so at the end of the morning I thought I could go see if I could spend a little time with this new pretty girl. But I didn’t see her anywhere. She was down at the lower barn in a stall. I wandered down and found her. She looked even bigger close up. I bravely go in to talk to her and pet on her, but she didn’t seem too thrilled and kept turning around. It was making me nervous that her butt kept coming around. Would she kick me? I go back out but just hang out at her stall door.

For whatever reason, I decided to offer her some energy. Just propped my hands up on the edge of her door and intended it to start flowing. What happened next was to be the beginning of my own horsey journey and the discovery of myself and these amazing beings. She was standing facing the back of the stall and looked back at me. She then turned in a complete circle, backed her rump up into my hands and shifted her weight, so her left hip leaned into my hands. Then she turned and looked back at me again. She stood like this for about a minute and then repeated the same exact sequence two more times. Each time looking back at me as if she knew what was going on and where she needed the energy most. I was so overwhelmed I began to cry. I was so moved by the beautiful connection I was having with this amazing animal. I fell in love right then and there. I talked about her for a week and couldn’t wait to see her again. My next trip down to the barn, I looked out into the pasture. I only saw brown horses. Where was Kat, where was my beautiful new friend? I looked all around in different stalls but couldn’t find her. I started my mucking and later on asked about her. She was gone. Some people were free leasing her. I wasn’t going to see her again. Later on I found out that she had an accident with a piece of farm machinery when she was a filly. A large scar was still present on her left hind leg, fifteen years later.

Spring turned to summer, and I continued my Friday morning visits to the barn. I was still hoping that Kat may come back, but I was so busy learning and getting to know the other horses that she soon slipped from my mind...

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