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The Beauty in Simplicity
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The Beauty in Simplicity

The majority of adults in America are tired and overwhelmed because of the pressures of work and family schedules. Our careers require 40 plus hour work weeks. Household chores fill our nights and weekends. Free time is spent shuttling children to dance lessons, doctor appointments, soccer practice, gymnastics, band practice and church choir. Summer vacations are packed with activities. Christmas vacations are spent on the road traveling to visit family. We are busy people. Busy people often miss out on the beauty in simplicity.

Horses enjoy all the seasons up close and personal. In the spring, green grass carpets the ground. The leaves turn a welcoming shade of green during the summer and the occasional water stream may be enticing. During the fall, trees display their beautiful foliage. Winter brings the beiges and tans of tall grasses and the texture of gray bark with a blanket of snow on the ground. Beauty may be discovered in the simplicity of nature regardless of the season. However, many people find winter to be depressing, drab and gray.

Many times over the years, I have ridden past a simple red barn and thought what a beautiful view. Horse barns or stables are generally simplistically built. Red barns are in the majority, but occasionally barns are painted other colors. Often barns are perched on rolling hillsides or open meadows. The red of a horse barn or stable is so pretty against a blue sky sprinkled with fluffy white clouds. Barns are now rented for weddings. A few nontraditional people have creatively transformed barns into homes after realizing the beauty in a simple horse barn.

Horses are utilized as therapy for patients suffering with many chronic illnesses. Specialists have discovered that therapeutic riding and structured interaction with horses improve the quality of life for many patients. Stress and lifestyle can exacerbate many conditions. The horses supply an outlet for physical activity and strong skills for coping with stress. The three dimensional movement required for horseback riding and the sense of accomplishment is believed to decrease the number of relapses experienced by many patients. The beauty in simple horseback riding provides therapeutic benefits.


The hustle and bustle of everyday life produces stress. Horseback riding provides communion with nature. The activity allows riders the opportunity to enjoy each season. We could all benefit by occasionally slowing down and enjoying the simple beauty found in nature.


The beautiful photo is courtesy of Country Life as uploaded by Doug on Flickr’s Creative Commons.

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