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The Basics
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The Basics

Basic care for your horses is surely routine by now, but there may be some things that people forget. For one, once we have been doing the same things over and over again, at times it is easy to slip and forget things, or perhaps there are others that we were never taught. However, there are some basics that we may not know or think about, and although it should seem obvious, these things can’t always be known to us.

First, there are the obvious things, the ones we always do. Horses need a lot of turnout, access to food such as grass and hay, plenty of water, regular exercise, de-worming, and checkups at the vet, including teeth care. These things are usually well taken care of as they are clear and everyone remembers to do this since we need to care for children the same way, too.

The overall condition of a horse, although it may take several small tasks, requires one main but very important factor that most people heed: TIME.

If a horse is underweight or overweight, don’t put it on a drastic diet to get its weight up or down quickly. It’s the same as with humans – dieting works best when we take it slow, so do the same for your horse. You should also let it heal from any form of injury slowly and not try to rush it, nor should you push it into going back into a vigorous training until the injury is fully healed. If the hooves are in an awful state, such as cracked or injured, one must take the time to fix it.

Also, some people claim that a healthy horse is a fat horse. This is not true. Their weight needs to be maintained and balanced, just like humans. Careful not to overdo it. The food-to-exercise ratio needs to be watched closely, especially if he is outside less during the winter or pregnant.


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