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The Arabian Horse: "The Daughter of the Wind"
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The Arabian Horse: "The Daughter of the Wind"

A bugle sounds. Battle has begun. An Arabian mare comes to a halt. Tribal warfare has broken out underneath the desert sun.

Only the mare was chosen as mount by the desert warrior of Arabia. They were highly revered for their swigtness and stamina. Even fully quenched, they could be ridden for day after day and on very little food. "The Daughter of the Wind" was what they were called and that is how they moved, swift and smooth like the wind.

The Arabian is the oldest domesticated horse on record, with evidence dating back to 2500 years prior to the Christian era. However, their origins do remain unclear. As mentioned earlier, the horse not only is revered for its swiftness and stamina but also for its strength. Though relatively small in size, the Arabian could carry any rider. George Washington's mare, Magnolia, though delicately built with a small frame, was big enough to carry him through battle. 

But no one knows where they came from. It is a mystery. One storyteller of Arabia put it this way, "The root or spring of the horse was always in Arabia. Our Sheikhs found them running wild." Another storyteller related that the Prophet Mohammed took a small group of parched horses and penned them near a brook. When he finally released these horses, they bolted straight for the fresh, cool water. At that time a war bugle was sounded and only five horses stopped. These were the mares chosen to mother the race. 

There came a time late when the breed's very existence became threatened. A couple in England heard of this and took it upon themselves to rescue the breed. At their request, several horses were shipped to their estate in the English countryside. They knew of the great importance of the breed. They knew they had to do what they could to preserve it for future generations. And that they did. 

Today, the Arabian's popularity has swept through both Europe and the United States.

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