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The Amazing First Meeting
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The Amazing First Meeting

Mega TV has released a video on youtube.com that should have gone viral, but it didn’t. The video was released on June 24, 2014, and it is about the first meeting between a special boy and a horse. The video is so touching that I have watched it over and over (10 times). Each time, I was overwhelmed by the compassion it conveys. Watching this 3:35 minute video will fill you with sympathy, greatness, love, humility and humanity. You may, as I have been, be so moved by it that your mind will reflect far away from the everyday chaos of this world. It’s the amazing first meeting that you will see which is beyond anything usual.

The place where this video is recorded is probably a ranch somewhere in Israel and the characters are a little boy and a golden colored horse with beautiful blond hair on his neck. The boy has a disease called “Williams Syndrome” and he looks like he is 5-7 years old; the horse is tall, healthy and beautiful. A note under the video says that this particular horse is a new resident of that ranch, where this amazing first meeting is pictured, and he “doesn’t like people too much”. It further says that the horse often gets “rough and wild” in close proximity of people that are stranger to him. However, the boy receives completely opposite behavior of the horse, even though he is a stranger to him.

At first, the boy is seen walking away from the horse as it is calmly and gracefully approaching him; the boy displays a mixed feeling of fear and awe toward the horse and it is clear that he is physically challenged. The little boy then turns around and looks at the horse as if he is not sure whether he can trust him or not. The horse, at the same moment, stops for a while looking the other way, as if he wants to assure the little guy that he is here not to harm him in any way. The boy stands close to the fence facing the horse with all his attention to it, as if he finds the horse trustworthy and harmless to him. The horse then slowly moves forward toward the boy with such a gentle air as if he is protective of the little guy.

Once his perception of the horse becomes a “friendly” creature, the boy comes forward and starts showing all his affections for the horse; he touches his face and rubs his own face with the horse’s, he goes under the belly and embraces the front left leg of the horse and he plays in front of him. The horse just stands there encouraging every move of that sick child, just as the parent of a sick child would do. He completely relaxes the boy and builds a rapport with him within minutes. It is amazing to see such a bond growing between them in so little time. The horse seems to know that the child is sick and helpless, and he acts as if it is his responsibility to take care of the boy and protect him from all the evils in the world. 

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