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75 Abandoned Horses Finally Find a Home
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75 Abandoned Horses Finally Find a Home

75 quarter horses that were recently living in terrible conditions for almost two years have been rescued and are in new comfortable homes. The situation was very depressing as these horses were living in a leased property that had extremely poor living conditions.

Quarter horses are a type of breed that have exceptional performance in running short distances. The name ‘quarter horse’ comes from their ability to out-compete other breeds when participating in races with a distance of a quarter mile. These horses are known to run at speeds up to 88.5 kilometers an one hour.

The owner of the horses mentioned above was a leading AQHA breeder who won national championships in several races across the country, skilled in breeding the American quarter horses. They had made sure that the horses were in good condition until misfortune befell the family. Two family members passed, her husband and her daughter, leaving the horse owner with financial problems and emotional turmoil that caused the loss of the family farm. She was therefore unable to take care of the horses as she did before.

Her 75 horses had to be moved to another place so that they could receive proper care. They had been living in an equine facility that was available for leasing in Hampshire. Unfortunately, the facility had limited space and was unable to host the halter horses adequately. The paddocks were very small and with insufficient shelter, the manure became excessive, and there was inadequate manpower to handle the horses. The situation attracted the assistance of the Hooved Animal Rescue & Protection Society (HARPS) located in Barrington.

HARPS first began the rescue operation efforts in September when the problem was brought to their attention. Most of the horses were not receiving veterinary care and as a result had weak immune systems. Many horses were malnourished and were suffering from starvation. The protection society received more than 300 applications from horse lovers within just two months to help the 75 horses; many were touched by the story of the horses and sent applications to adopt them.

The main goal for HARPS was to ensure that all the horses were adopted before the beginning of winter; the estimated cost for caring of all the horses in the meantime amounted to over $30,000. The rescue workers put in extra effort for the adoption goal to be achieved. The leader of the rescue team, Donna Ewing, told journalists that the operation was one of the biggest rescue cases they had handled in over four decades.

The response that came from the horse world to help through adoption was remarkable. The horses will be receiving proper care and treatment that will help them stay healthy and able to take part in races. Donors and well-wishers actively contributed what they could and hence made the rescue operation successful. It was definitely a collaborative effort that involved many people with a passion and love for horses.

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