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Taking in All There Is
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Taking in All There Is

'All five of our senses exist only in the present. Right now, where you are, is all there is.' Gloria Steinem

I drag myself out of my comfy bed and climate-controlled room, when I could sleep in.

I walk by my laptop. I could drop into my easy chair to catch up on my email.

I get into my steamy van and drive 20 minutes away to shovel manure, throw hay and spread shavings. I could drive the same distance to a nice sandy beach with cool ocean breezes and get rid of my “farmer’s tanlines.”

I could do many other things with my morning but I don’t. Because kicking myself out of bed, out of the house, into chores time at the stables, results in a huge payoff: an hour with Sportie. I groom him, I ride him, then I bathe him, and I enjoy every second of it.

We all have limited free time and it’s up to us how we spend it. When we choose to spend it with our horse, let’s truly spend it. Listen to his husky nicker as you come around the corner. Listen out for the sounds of nature all around you – the birds singing, the other horses chomping on their grain. Take in the sight of your horse’s gorgeous flowing mane, bottomless liquid-brown eyes, serene and wise expression.

Breathe in his sweet muskiness. Make sure when you curry him with one hand you’re running your other hand over his smoothness, checking meticulously for ticks but also just marveling at the satiny feel against your fingertips. Wonder at the feel of his powerful muscles, ready to effortlessly carry your weight and suspend you between heaven and earth.

You could be a hundred other places at this moment. When you show up at the stables you have made the right choice for your recreation, your exercise, your very sanity. Drink it all in with your ears, eyes, nose, fingertips, right down to the literal drink of clear, ice-cold water you taste from the barn fridge after working up a good sweat. Don’t waste a drop.


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