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Tack Room Make Over
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Tack Room Make Over

Winter is coming Of Horse audience and the Pony Bloggers (Gucci, Sweetsie and Leggs) are going to help you organize the barn tack room. It’s time for the Extreme Pony Blogger Make Over.

The tack room must have adequate lighting and be clean and dry. Empty it entirely at the start of this project and check for any moisture. Seal caps along the floor, ceiling and roof. To keep the air moving install a fan or humidifier. Replace anything that is broken and be sure to clear all cobwebs. Last but not least wash and sweep the floor.

Step 2 is to take everything that you removed from the tack room and go through it. Remove everything out of storage boxes and grooming caddies. Clean away dust and debris. Wash and sterilize all brushes and dirty rugs, towels and saddle pads. Dry everything. Dust any shelves, saddle racks, bridle hooks, cabinets, tables, surfaces, etc.

Identify which items, accessories, tack and supplies you use on a regular basis, which you use occasionally or seasonally, and which you don’t have an immediate need for but want to keep anyway. Seriously consider donating the items you never use to an equine rescue or therapeutic riding center.

Think in terms of the different seasons. During spring have all your winter blankets cleaned, labeled and bagged. Store them until needed. Also, put away all winter related items such as shedding blades to help keep the grooming box neat. At the completion of the summer months, put all fly sheets and fly masks away. Be sure to wash and label them so they are ready for the following summer.

Dedicate an area to all your grooming supplies. Keep all daily used items in the most accessible area of your tack room. Hang separate racks for saddle pads. It is important not to place wet or damp saddle pads on top of the saddles even upside down the moisture still gets to the saddle.

Each bridle should include a nameplate and hang on its own bridle rack. Use wire bakers racks for shelving and storage of legs wraps, extra brushes, etc. These racks allow you to see what’s stored in them. Keep the floors clear at all times. This not only looks neater, but also allows for quick and easy clean up. Remember to keep saddles on racks and covered with breathable covers. All items should be placed in either horse and or owner order and labeled as such.

The Pony Bloggers have noticed the cleaning is the easy part the hard part is to keep it that way. Good luck everyone and have fun with our suggestions for a great tack room make over.

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  1. Cowgirl
    Such great ideas. Thanks again Pony Bloggers! I love your posts! I am starting on this project today.

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