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TJ, My love.
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TJ, My love.

About 2 weeks ago, my friend told me that she had a few horses after I expressed interest in horses and invited me to come out and look at them all. When I got there, she told me that if I wanted to continue to come out and work with them, that their gelding, TJ, would be the one I was working with the most, along with their mustang, Spot. As soon as I saw TJ, a 10 year old grandson of Secretariat, there was a bond. He's such a gentle horse, and I could sense that from the very beginning. Recently, I've gotten to lunge him, and I have seen how to lunge a horse that doesn't know how to lunge. It was an interesting process, to say the least. I now know what people mean when they say they've fallen in love with a horse. I've also learned a lot of things about horses, from what kinds of foods they eat to how to brush them down. I've also learned that they get very dusty :P All in all, it has only been a blessing for me to be able to work with TJ. He's an amazing horse, and I couldn't imagine what I'd do without him :)

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  1. jst4horses
    One of the veterans in our program took on her daughter's horse when her daughter went to college, met men, and got married this last week! He too was a grandson of Secretariat. He is a huge bay, but it was interesting to see the similarities in the face. Her horse came from the track, like Ferdinand, he would much rather watch butterflies and mosy along, so he was sold for a show horse. He went through amazing dressage training, and won a few ribbons, but lacked sass. He was sold down again. To the daughter. It is obvious when she comes to visit why she won more ribbons, and some show jumping events. He perks up and loves her. He loves her Mom, who does not ride very much. She just was a mom who when the daughter called and said "dad is going to sell my horse because I am not riding any more" said she would take care of the horse. He perks up when his owner is around, it has taken him a long time to get over his first owner, who brought him up to be a big spoiled boy, rather than a horse. He has learned he is a horse, and is much happier now, and perkier under saddle. He has a home for life, his veteran just likes to brush and care for him, and is gracious in lending him to the veterans program so he does get exercised and ridden.

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