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Supplement Tips for Healthy Horses While Traveling
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Supplement Tips for Healthy Horses While Traveling

The thrill that you feel while on the road with your horse comes at a cost. Without a doubt, traveling is an uphill task for your horse. Despite the diet and care you have provided, more supplements are needed when they are on the go. Equine researchers have proved beyond question that horses on the move require special care. Ohio State University researchers studied horses transported in trailers. Blood samples collected before and after the transportation period clearly showed suppression of the immune system. Regardless of how careful you are with them, grab these supplement tips to keep your horse healthy on the road.

Change Diet Slowly

You will definitely want to change the diet of your horse when you are on the road. However, do not do it abruptly. Ensure you do it slowly enough for the horse to adapt. For instance, if your journey is a month away, you can start changing dietary schedule two weeks before departure. Begin to add new feedstuffs over that period. It is advisable to do it every day without exception; this will help the horse to fully adapt to the new schedule.

Provide Free-Choice Hay throughout the Day

Horses like to eat, even more so when they are on the road. Therefore, you should put hay in front of them throughout the day. When chewing the hay, they produce saliva that helps reduce irritation in their stomachs as a result of excess acid. Additionally, munching the hay encourages the horse to drink thus maintaining proper hydration.

Keeping Healthy Digestive Tract

While changing the diet and providing food all day long is good, it may not be all that you have to do. The horse’s digestive system is prone to problems arising from stress. Travel related digestive challenges cause colonic ulcers and laminitis. This is why you need Neigh-Lox and Neigh-Lox Advanced to ensure required PH levels, proper microbial population, and healthy tissues. Again, remember to introduce the digestive supplements slowly days before travel.

Protecting the Immune System

Travel not only has a heavy toll on the digestive system but also the immune system. While on the move, the horse’s antibodies will encounter foreign agents such as germs that must be fought. Thus, supplement the immune system with natural vitamin E. This should help your horse stay healthy and enjoy the trip as much as you do.


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