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Sunny: Our Comedian Horse Who Loves Snickers & Beer
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Sunny: Our Comedian Horse Who Loves Snickers & Beer

The first post I ever wrote for Of Horse was a poem: Ode to Flying Golden Boy. I was surprised it was published and even more surprised at the response.  I have been a horse addict since ever….maybe four or five.  But it wasn’t until I was in my early 30s that I bought my first (with my husband’s, the second) horse.

I believe I have owned 14, in all, over the past 45 years!  For more than half of that time, I have been involved in therapeutic riding, equine facilitated mental health, and 4H.  Horses are a vital thread of the fabric of my life.  In this attempt at a” blog”, I want to share with you stories that affirm how very special these amazing creatures are!

I imagine some stories will tug at your heart, others at your funny bone. Along with telling you these anecdotes, I will need to share elements of my life, however complicated it was at times, but I sincerely hope you will find my “confessions” will be reflective of aspects of what you or someone you know is going through. With the proper acknowledgment of the source, you may share my writings and photos with individuals.

Sunny, Our Comedian:  

We were at the county fair and the first two days of competition were complete. It was a hot night and folks were walking through the 4H horse barns checking out the horses, kids, and ribbons, wishing them luck for the final day. 

A man was standing chatting with a group of us leaning up against the door to a stall.  His demeanor was quite excited as he recounted a winning moment of his first-time blue-ribbon winner, his young daughter.  Being a bit embarrassed by her father’s enthusiasm, the child bent over to hide her red face and retie her boot, handing her dad a partially eaten Snicker’s bar.

Sunny’s eyes were riveted on the candy bar and when the dad, still holding it for his daughter, adjusted his cowboy hat, the sly gelding simply slipped the chocolate from the wrapper with his talented lips.  Everyone laughed, of course.  Then another on-looker said, “Here buddy, want to wash that down with my beer?” 

Without a moment of hesitation, Sunny snapped up the can, tilted his head and the beer was no longer!  Sunny went on to win several blues at that fair, but people came by his stall mainly to take a picture with the horse that loved snickers and beer!

If you stick with me, there will be other stories of Sunny’s shenanigans….I promise!

Thank you so much for reading this and don’t forget to vote, Of Horse.

Aly @ Connected Hearts Equine Healing

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