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Sunday Fun Day Horse Quiz Answers
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Sunday Fun Day Horse Quiz Answers

I don't know about you, but as a horse crazy kid turned horse crazy grown up, I still love all things horse related, Including horse movies. To make this fun Horse Movie Quiz, I tried to use widely-recognized horse movies. Here are the answers:

1. The first question, based on the movie "National Velvet," is what color is the star of the movie, "The Pie?" The correct answer is chestnut. This could possibly be a tricky question because in the book "National Velvet," he was a piebald horse. They call him "The Pie" in the movie because his owner before Velvet Brown, Mr.Eade, called the horse a "murderous pirate", so Pie came as much less scary nickname than "murderous pirate"

2. In the movie "The Black Stallion," Alec Ramsey was "B," shipped wrecked on a deserted island when he befriended the stallion. After their rescue, the story evolves as they train him to race.

3. "Misty of Chincoteague" is a movie based on the award-winning book about the wild ponies of Chincoteague and Assateague Islands. Misty had a foal, whose name was "C" Stormy.

4. In the movie, "Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken," the gray horse, Lightning, was "C" a diving horse. Based on the true story of performing horse and riders that dove from a tower into a pool of water on the Steel Pier at Atlantic City.

5. In the movie "A Horse For Danny," Tom Thumb was a racehorse that was acquired by Danny and her Uncle Eddy, in a claiming race "C".

6. In "Black Beauty," Beauty's white pony friend was named Merrylegs "A". 

7. "Hidalgo" is a western movie. The horse in the movie was "D," skewbald.

8. "Secretariat is moving like a tremendous machine!" He won the Belmont by "C," 31 lengths.

9. The name of the horse trainer in "The Horse Whisperer" is "B", Tom Booker.

10. In the movie "spirit", Spirit was the main character and his mare friends name was "B" Rain.

So, how did you do? Are you a horse movie expert? If not, now you know what to start binge-watching!

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